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Together Always

by Edwina Wyatt, Lucia Masciullo

What happens when the dearest of friends want to go in different directions? Edwina Wyatt’s perceptive story about individuality tells how friends find ways to be together, even when they are apart. Sensitive and evocative illustrations by award-winning Lucia Masciullo bring love, bafflement and loneliness to life in this endearing ode to timeless friendship.


01 March, 2016

About Edwina Wyatt

Edwina Wyatt is a qualified lawyer and teacher. Her stories are whimsical explorations of characters and their often idiosyncratic relationships, and reflect her fascination for how we are both passengers and pilots in the stories of our lives. Edwina lives on the south coast of New South Wales with her husband and their son.

About Lucia Masciullo

Lucia Masciullo started working professionally as a freelance illustrator in 2004 while still living in her native Italy. In 2006 she moved to Brisbane after winning prizes and gaining recognition in several national and international contests. By 2007 she started working as a self represented artist selling her paintings on EBay. To date more than 60 of her paintings have found homes across the globe, in American, Europe and Australia.


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