Escape into a World of Magical Possibility: 8 Magical and Fantastical Reads

Escape into a World of Magical Possibility: 8 Magical and Fantastical Reads

Everyone needs a little magic in their life and this list of amazing, magical books will send imaginations into over drive. There are fairies, monsters, witches, warlocks, ancient powerful beings and more. So if your little reader needs an escape from the every day into the land of fantasy, then read on…

A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer

What it’s about: Brystal Evergreen lives in the oppressive Southern Kingdom where she is forbidden to read books. When she discovers a banned book that reveals her hidden magical powers she finds herself in extreme danger. That is until Madame Weatherberry whisks her away to the Academy of Magic but will she be safe anywhere in a world that despises magic?

Why we love it: This is a beautifully written and fast paced story that also challenges young minds. It’s easy to see why Colfer’s books are bestsellers and we think this one is destined to be a big hit too!

8+ readers

Vincent and the Grandest Hotel on Earth by Lisa Nicol

What it’s about: When Vincent is appointed as the official shoe-shiner at The Grandest Hotel on Earth he can’t believe his luck. The hotel is renowned for its inflatable rooms, edible rooms and rooms filled with butterflies, chandeliers, exotic animals and chocolate fountains – could things get any better? Yet even in the grandest of places there are challenges to be faced.

Why we love it: This heart-warming book is a lot of fun, filled with the most amazing creations that author Lisa Nicol conjured up with the help of several little wild imaginations, including that of her co-author nine-year-old godson, Finley Wright Curnow. If your little reader enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they will love this book.

8+ readers

Jinxed! by Rebecca McRitchie

What it’s about: Cora is 11 years old and doesn’t remember anything before Dot a collector saved her from the streets five years ago. When she embarks on her first mission alone things don’t go as planned. She finds herself in the company of two fairies and being pursued by a very dark creature. Can she escape and does she actually have some magical powers herself?

Why we love it: This is a very appealing new magical series from the author of Whimsy and Woe and beautifully illustrated throughout by Sharon O’Connor. Filled with all manner of magical creature and exciting worlds it’s the perfect new fantasy series for the 8+ reader.

8+ readers

The Monster Who Wasn’t by T.C. Shelley

What it’s about: You may be familiar with the idea that a fairy comes from a baby’s first laugh but did you know that a monster is created by the regret in someone’s last sigh?  When elderly Samuel’s last sigh combines with his 10-week-old granddaughter’s first laugh a creature is born that is an unprecedented mix of both good and bad. With unknown but highly desired powers, can he show strength and choose to be who he really wants to be?

Why we love it: T.C. Shelley has created a richly layered world above and below ground, with truly moving characters. The story covers themes of family, loyalty, choice and belonging and it hurtles along at a fast-pace.

9+ readers

Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day by Dominique Valente

What it’s about:  Willow Moss is a finder-of-lost-things, a valuable skill to have but not quite so impressive when you come from a long line of witches. All of this changes when the most feared witch in all of Starfell asks Willow to find a whole entire day, or else…

Why we love it:  Primary school readers who enjoyed Nevermoor and The Wizards of Once will love this magical quest and journey of self-discovery. Along with witches, there are dragons, trolls, secret portals, long lost spells and lots of intrigue.

8+ readers

Malamander by Thomas Taylor

What it’s about:  This mysterious tale is narrated by Herbert Lemon (Herbie), the Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel in the misty seaside town of Eerie-on-Sea. Mostly, he assists with a lost hat or bag, that is, until Violet Parma lands in his office. And so begins the unravelling of an intricate web of secrets surrounding what is known as the Malamander, and the disappearance of Violet’s parents.

Why we love it:  This stand-out middle grade read will appeal to so many different readers. Much like Nevermoor and Lemony Snicket, older children and their parents will also love the intriguing plot. The layers of quirkiness, history, legend, natural history and small-town community all create a wonderful atmosphere.

8+ readers

Monuments by Will Kostakis

What it’s about: 16-year-old Connor finds a trap door under his school that leads him to discover a Monument (an ancient being or God) that has been hidden away for many years. When he learns that there are five of them and they are in danger, he joins with Sally and Locky to find and move them all to safety but there are a few things that get in their way…

Why we love it: A mix of school legend, mythology and fantasy, Monuments also explores friendships, family relationships, loss and grief – there’s lots of fun and a lot of dry humour but also a chance to reflect on real life issues.

14+ readers

The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell

What it’s about: In the third book in the series we find Wizard Xar and Warrior Wish, along with all manner of friends flying through the Wildwoods on an enchanted door. Their mission is to find the ingredients for a spell that will finally rid them of witches and also out run their parents who are onto them and following close behind.

Why we love it: Filled with stunningly intricate drawings that also come from the imagination of talented Cowell, this series will captivate little imaginations (and big we have to admit). The rich worlds filled with magical details, the wide variety of creatures and a plot that will have you equally excited and terrified is bound to hook the little reader in your life.

9+ readers


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