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A Worthy Heir: Review of The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams

December 3, 2019

Set in Britain 2120, David Walliam’s new book The Beast of Buckingham Palace takes a look at the British Monarchy of the future and it isn’t pretty!

Heir to the throne, Prince Alfred is closeted in the palace where he was born and lived all his life. He has never left the protective walls of the palace that now sits in the middle of what could be described as a war zone. Beyond the palace grounds the British people are living in poverty, with limited food supplies and pushed to extremes there is a revolution on the horizon.

Prince Alfred is a lonely child, with few opportunities to make friends but he does have a loyal and protective nanny and his mother the Queen would do anything for him. So Alfred is beside himself when she is dragged off in the middle of the night to the Tower of London at the order of the King and declared a traitor.

The Queen can’t possibly be siding with the revolutionaries who are intent on destroying the city and want to kill every last one of the Royal family can she? Alfred must do everything he can to save her. However, the King and the rest of the palace appear to be under the power of Lord Protector, the King’s most trusted advisor and they are all watched by an enormous robotic eye that hovers around the palace recording everyone’s movements.

When Alfred witnesses a strange ceremony that the Lord Protector officiates at, he knows that they are all in imminent danger and he has to take action but how can he get through to his father who appears to be more like a zombie than a man of action?

With a raft of gloriously eccentric characters, David Walliams always manages to deliver a tale that will keep young readers riveted. This book is funny but also challenging and thought-provoking incorporating myths and legends in a classic tale of good vs evil set in a futuristic yet still traditional Britain.

At over 400+ pages it’s a good one to pick up for the summer break to keep the reading happening regularly while they’re not at school.

As always, Walliams is compared to Roald Dahl and it’s clear to see there are quite a few similarities. One thing you can be sure of is that your young reader will enjoy his books – he is astoundingly a multi-million bestselling author and there aren’t very many of those around.

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David Walliams – comedian, actor and author – continues to take the children’s literary world by storm. His tenth novel, BAD DAD, was an immediate number one, following the triumph of THE MIDNIGHT GANG, the biggest-selling children’s book of 2016. WORLD’S WORST CHILDREN 2, which published in early 2017, spent four weeks at industry number one and eight weeks at the top of the children’s chart. They have achieved unprecedented critical acclaim – and RATBURGER, DEMON DENTIST and AWFUL AUNTIE have all won the National Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year. David’s books have now exceeded 100 non-consecutive weeks in the children’s number-one spot, and have been translated into 53 languages, selling more than 32 million copies worldwide.


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