Book-related activities to fend off the ‘I’m Bored!’s

Book-related activities to fend off the ‘I’m Bored!’s

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied?

How about making their own little books? Or doing some printing, making a lantern or colouring-in?

Make a Book

Write a story or collect some drawings and words about either your holiday adventures or your favourite hobby.

To make a traditional ‘book’ with a spine:

  1. Take 3 sheets of A4 paper and fold them in half inside each other.
  2. Place 4 staples along the fold, evenly spaced.
  3. Use scissors to cut in half. Make sure you have two staples above the cut and two below the cut.

This will give you two little books, each with a ‘cover’ and five internal ‘spreads’. If you want to write a longer book, you can add more pages before folding and stapling.

little book activity step by step

To make a concertina heart ‘book’ (this is a lovely way to record short notes about ‘favourite’ things or ‘things you love’):

  1. Fold a sheet of A4 paper about 4.5 cm from the short edge.
  2. Fold again in the other direction along the edge of the paper and continue with three more folds until you have a ‘concertina’ effect. (A bit like making paper dolls.)
  3. Draw a love heart shape on your paper, making sure the edges of the heart are against the page edge and the fold.
  4. Cut around the heart shape.

This will give you a ‘front cover’ to draw on and five little hearts to write notes on.

heart book activity step by step

Simple printing with little ones

We love balloon printing and this website has a guide to creating Very Hungry Caterpillar prints.

We’ve never tried marshmallow printing (sounds sticky!) but we like the look of the marshmallow Caterpillar prints outlined on this website.

(Mums and dads might be interested in our story about the inspiration behind The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, and why it continues to delight new generations.)

activity balloon print activity marshmallow printing

Storybook lanterns

The folks from My Little Bookcase originally posted instructions for making these paperbag lanterns for Book Week, but we think they’d be great fun for any spring evening.

activity storybook lanterns


At a more advanced level, older kids could try making their own pop-up animal using the templates available on Robert Sabuda’s website.

(Mums and dads might be interested in our reviews of seven favourite pop-ups, including Sabuda’s The Dragon and the Knight.)

activity pop up butterfly

Ready-made activity sheets

Try these free downloads from our friends at Bloomsbury Publishing:

For a Witch Wars activity pack, follow the link on our listing for the book.

For a Yasmeen Ismail activity pack, follow the link from our interview with Yasmeen.



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