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Do You Want to Win a Bookshelf Worth of Kids’ Books? Voting open for 2018 Top 50 Children’s Books

April 16, 2018

Do you have an avid little one who could do with a few more books to read? How about 50? Because every vote for Australia’s Top 50 Kids’ Books enters the competition to win a copy of all 50 books! 
To win, fill out the form below and choose your favourite all-time children’s book. It can be international or local, old or new, classic or debut. 
There will be 7 winners in total – one from each Australian state – so please make sure you include your state in the space provided.
Voting ends on Friday 4 May. 

Hey you, vote here!

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  1. Ella

    I really love this book! My fave character is Kenzy.

  2. Coralie Ross

    I love the whole Alice Miranda series and the Clementine Rose series and the first Kensy and Max book.

  3. Janet Johnstone

    Love reading this one to the grandkids and watch the response on their faces. Priceless

  4. Annie Payne

    The rhythmic language of these poems, learned when I was three, remain with me today, delighting my grandchildren.

  5. Bianca de Lima

    The Famous Five series, as it promotes a sense of adventure and friendship

  6. Mayim

    I realy like this heartwarming story Edward is very hard at the beginning but as you get more into the story he softens up and learns to love in his miraculous journey.

  7. Emily Rose

    I love these books

    1. Dominique Lawrie

      What books?

  8. sue jenour

    This book is the favourite at the moment getting read a couple of times a day…

  9. desley geeves

    Blinky Bill was a favourite of mine as a child then my children’s and now looking forward to reading to the 3rd generation our grandchildren I’m sure Blinky will entertain their imaginations as it has to countless Australian children in the past.

  10. Susan Lucre

    I loved this book as a child, but in particular I love the time that I got to spend with my Mum and Dad reading it to me!

  11. Dominique Lawrie

    I love the Harry Potter series! They are thrilling and exciting! I recommend them for all readers!

  12. Dominique Lawrie

    I think all readers should read Holly Web’s: The Princess and the Suffragette! It is an awesome book! ( But then again, so are all the Holly Web books!) Hear is the blurb, if your interested, go ahead and give it a go!

    It is 1913 and young women are ready to change their lives…

    All across London, women are uniting in their desire for a voice, for a vote. But life a Miss Minchin’s school feels as dull as ever for Lottie, until she sneaks out one day to attend a Suffragette demonstration. Lottie is swept up in the women’s rights movement – celebrating the joy of friendship and female empowerment. And uncovering a secret about her own missing mother…

    A sequel to much-loved classic A Little Princess, The Princess and the Suffragette is a heart soaring story about standing up for what you believe in.

    I absolutely LOVED this book! It really makes you feel things. I think that means the author is trying to tell the reader something important. In this book I think it is standing up for what you believe in.

  13. Rosanne Johnston

    We always read to children and as a brand new grandmother am really excited about being able to read to my granddaughter!

  14. Vanessa

    There are few things in life more awesome than reading a good book. You can travel the universe and be home for dinner!

  15. Sally

    I loved the gentle sweet nature, a bear making friends with tiny pigs and children, this book was given to me by my brother when I was sick with Clicken Pox at 6 yrs old. I loved it struggling to read every word, (pox in the eyes)!
    When my daughters were very young I started reading the book to them, as they grew I told them where Winnie came from, how, she was a real bear with small children as her friends.
    Now, this same book well and truly started its 3rd and 4th generations with my grandchildren! I’m preparing a layette for the next generation of children and Winnie is already bundled up excited for her next journey. I can’t travel every night for this baby.

  16. Maria La Pietra

    The Narnia Series did to me as a child what Harry Potter did for my children – instilled in me a love of reading, of the power of the imagination, of how books can transport you beyond yourself and the mediocrity of the everyday world. Today I still have my old copies on the book shelf together with a whole new set I bought as an adult!

  17. Hilal

    I love the book Chatterbox by Margaret Wild
    because it reminds me of my daughter who was a late talker just like Daisy and out of a sudden just when we thought she was not going to speak anytime soon words just started flooding out.

  18. Laraine Frilay

    Loved the Billabong series set in the Australian bush.

  19. Annette

    As a child, I Read “Heidi” over and over again. It was my “go-to” book for the school holidays, despite having many others to choose from. My original copy is well-mended.

  20. Julie-Ann Claridge

    My children and grandchildren have all enjoyed the humour and stupidity of this book. Mind you, I still enjoy it myself..

  21. Beryl Chapman

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my absolute favourite book when I was a child. I knew it word for word, and always knew if Mum was trying to rush through the story and miss a line or two!

  22. Victoria Green

    There are so many to choose from! The Narnia series, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings – my grade 5 teacher read us The Hobbit and I had to follow on.

  23. Maggie Karner

    When a 3 year old can read the Wonky Donkey to you with a actions and melody to boot, just lovely… smiles all round in our household.

  24. Kate

    I’ve always loved this book. It takes ones imagination to far away places and endless possibilities.

  25. Maggie Karner

    My grandson Michael 4 wanted me to enter this competition for him. He loves Goodnight sleep tight by Mem Fox. He recites this book whilst playing in the park, helping his mum clean up and even when visiting ‘the little boys room. Good luck Michael.

  26. Aixin Jin

    I like quite a few series like Alice Miranda, Clementine Rose, Friday Barnes, Dork Diaries and Harry Potter`

  27. Jean Rutherford

    The House that sailed away by Pat Hutchins. Full of quirky fun stuff that had my son, an unwilling reader, giggling and wanting to read more.

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