Reading Habits: What Kind of Reader Are You?

Reading Habits: What Kind of Reader Are You?

We all have our reading habits. Some of us like to cosy up in bed with our book. Others reserve their reading for crowded trains and buses. Then there are those of us who treat reading like a hot date – we set time aside for it and treat it like an occasion. Whatever you fancy, your choice of reading location says a lot about you as a bibliophile. Find out which type of ‘reader’ you are:

The Bed Reader: 

These are the people who curl up with a book before nodding off to sleep, or upon waking, or maybe on the weekend when there is housework to be avoided and the warm, comforting call of bed can’t be ignored. We all know that beds are a place for rest and dreams, but for bed readers, books are just as good as dreams, where anything is possible, where ideas and imagination are abundant, and nothing is off limits. To bed readers, reading represents comfort; something that makes them feel calm, secure, and safe.

The On-The-Go Reader:

A breed of their own, they always have their nose in a book, whether it be on the bus or train. Undisturbed by the hustle and bustle, they are efficient readers, ensuring that they get their daily reading fix. They can pick up a book again from anywhere, and don’t mind that they can only read in short bursts, because they know there will always be another journey to tide them over. Their books are often battered from all the travel, with faded covers, bent corners, and dog-eared pages. But these readers always look happy and absorbed.

The Date Reader: 

The date reader prefers the company of books to people. For them, reading is a social occasion which sees them taking themselves out with their books. You’ll see them in cafes, reading over coffee and cake, or splayed out on a picnic rug in a park, book in hand. Date readers often look smitten, completely enamoured by their book ‘companions.’ You’ll find yourself staring at date readers, drawn to the stillness they exude. Just make sure you don’t fall for one, because they only have eyes for their books. 

The Bath Reader:

How many times have you thought ‘I would love to read in a warm bubble bath,’ only to be interrupted by a single, horrible thought of your book submerged in water, soggy and sad. It’s enough to distress any book lover! But not the adventurous bath reader – to them, reading, like bathing, is the ultimate act of relaxation; it’s a chance to kick back, forget about their troubles, and get lost in words and bubbles. These readers take things slow, and may take a while to finish their books, so don’t lend them one that you want returned promptly.

The Nature Reader: 

You’ve heard of people escaping to the country, looking for peace and quiet, but have you heard of the nature reader? These are the people drawn to both the siren call of nature and books – one simply cannot exist without the other. Going on a hike? They will have a book handy in their backpack. Camping? They have mastered the art of reading by torch-light. For nature readers, being surrounded by nature enhances the experience of reading; they are energised by the seclusion of the bush, by the sounds of rustling leaves and singing cicadas. For them, reading in nature is the ultimate immersive experience.

The Holiday Reader:

The holiday reader is a rare specimen who only seems to pick up a book when they go on holidays – often at the airport. Funnily enough, the books are rarely about travel to far-away places. No, the holiday reader loves gripping yarns and are frequently drawn to thrillers, true crime or horror. How many times have you admired someone reading on the beach, only to find their book cover is splashed in gore? It’s a contrasting image, but typical of the holiday reader.

Are you one of these reading types? We would love to hear about your favourite reading spots!


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  1. Jean says:

    Could be all of them though don’t have a bath! Book with me everywhere, car, shopping, holiday, in the car in case waiting ….. and still not enough time to read all the wonderful books available.

  2. Yadranka Frontczak says:

    I carry my kindle with me everywhere. I am an opportunistic reader, open my book whenever I can.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m a cozy couch corner with a coffee on hand reader. My kids know to leave me alone for at least an hour 😀 Mind you I do all of the above except the bath and even my well-travelled books look brand new. And real paper books all the way. I LOVE the smell of a new book!

  4. Francine Hawker says:

    I read in bed, on the couch, in parks, cafes and restaurants ( in so-called normal times). I read on public transport, although haven’t caught that in many months. No longer possess a bath and don’t drive.

  5. Judi says:

    I read any where and any time. Books are my escape, my recreation and an essential part of my life. I do not read in bed, bed is for sleeping