Q&A with Michael Trant, Author of Wild Dogs

Q&A with Michael Trant, Author of Wild Dogs

What inspired the idea behind this book?

Mostly a multitude of current affairs. In 2013 a boat carrying sixty-six asylum seekers pretty much just pulled undetected into Geraldton. In 2017 Geraldton also had 1.2 tonnes of meth seized at the wharf, Australia’s biggest at the time. Add to that, various raids on illegal workers around the state and my desire to write a bit more of an actiony, faster-paced novel, it all sort of came together.

If I looked at your internet history, what would it reveal about you?

That I don’t know much about guns, drugs or body decomposition, and that I have no patience to search for hidden places and items in a computer game. Also that I like to see how others build PC’s, and how to fix problems in the PC I’ve built.

How does it feel to hold your book in your hands?

There was a lot of relief when my first copy arrived. I’d nearly given up on getting another book out there, so to have this one come through with such huge support and enthusiasm from everyone involved was very vindicating.

How did you think of the title of the book?

It was originally titled Where Wild Dogs Roam, similar to Wilbur Smith titles like When The Lion Feeds, but we shortened it to hint at the conflict between the Gabe and Chase, and it’s just punchier.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

You have to do the work. You have to write, but then you have to work on it as well. Talk to other writers, read writing books, attend writing events. Work on your craft, and like any craft, you will get better at it as you go.

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Unputdownable Action Thriller: Read an Extract from Wild Dogs by Michael Trant

Review | Extract

31 January 2022

Unputdownable Action Thriller: Read an Extract from Wild Dogs by Michael Trant

    Publisher details

    Wild Dogs
    Michael Trant
    01 February, 2022


    In the drought-ridden rangelands of Western Australia, Gabe Ahern makes his living trapping wild dogs for local station owners.

    Still coming to terms with his wife’s death – and the part he played in it – the old bushman leads a solitary life. Until one morning, when he rescues a young Afghan man, Amin, from certain execution.

    Now, with a gang of people smugglers on his tail and the lives of Amin's family on the line, Gabe is drawn into a ruthless game of cat and mouse. His main opponent is Chase Fowler, a kangaroo hunter with bush skills as wily and sharp as his own.

    As the old dogger and roo-shooter go head to head, Gabe will need all his cunning to come out of this alive…

    Michael Trant
    About the author

    Michael Trant

    Michael Trant is a WA country boy now residing in Perth after a variety of careers ranging from farmer, marine draftsman, pastoralist and FIFO pot washer. Michael writes with an authentic rural voice, drawing on his experiences to open readers to places and lifestyles foreign to many. He has a passion for farming, writing, and gaming, the order of which vary throughout the year. He still works on farms as a tractor driver, mainly to annoy those teachers who claimed no one would pay him to stare out a window all day. His debut novel Ridgeview Station was released in 2017.

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