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Steven Amsterdam

Lives in Melbourne. Is a writer and a palliative care nurse. Was born and raised by New Yorkers in Manhattan. Wrote his first story about a hamster whose family was starving. Was educated at Bronx Science, University of Chicago, and University of Melbourne. Wrote speeches about the Nissan forklift for the 1988 Tokyo Auto Show. Climbed Mount Fuji twice, which makes him a fool. Helped sell Soul Train to Japan. Edited travel maps. Edited travel guides. Got incredibly sick and thought he might die in a small village on Sulawesi. Designed book jackets. Once made a three-tiered wedding cake with four dozen roses in between the tiers. It was an almond pound cake with raspberry filling. Escaped New York during the first Bush II Administration with mileage points on United Airlines. Wishes he’d stayed longer in Coober Pedy; you never know when you’ll get back to a place like that. Moved to Melbourne thinking he was going to get a job as a pastry cook and eventually open a bakery. Now look at the situation. Left out some personal stuff, but it’s personal, and this is the internet. Ok, this: He lives with his partner in Melbourne. They have three chickens and a dog.