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8 Books to Help Kids Learn About Sustainability

The world in which we live is paramount to all young, curious minds, and books can be a great source of knowledge for those wondering how to treat it best. See below for a list of books to help kids learn about sustainability, conservation, animal endangerment, and all things ecological!

World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky

This non-fiction/graphic novel hybrid is an entertaining and important insight into the destruction of the world’s most precious resource: its oceans. Mark Kurlansky is the acclaimed author of books like ‘Cod’ and ‘The Big Oyster,’ and his 2011 book, ‘World Without Fish,’ not only explains the problems, but tells them what they can do about it. Ages 10+.

The Why Should I? series by Jen Green on Energy, Water and Recycling

Jen Green’s wonderful ‘Why Should I?’ series is the perfect introduction to conservation for your young ones. Titles like Why Should I Save Water? Why Should I Save Energy? And Why Should I Recycle? answer some of the most common questions kids ask about their ever-changing environment, through brief but exciting short stories. The stories help children realise not only the importance of conserving natural resources, but shows them all the little things that they can do to help. Each with a different message, every one of these books is worth reading to the most curious of kids. Ages 6+.

The Lorax by Dr Seuss

Not many names inspire wonder in young minds like that of the beloved Dr Seuss. The story of The Lorax with its lyrical rhymes and valuable message that never fades, is adored by all, the young and the old. Suess emphasises the importance of conservation and the threat of greed in what is one of the most valuable lessons about the environment, ever. Ages 5+.

One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul

The award-winning story of Isatou Ceesay is one of perseverance and hope. It has a simple, vital message, showing children that change begins with them. The problem of plastic waste in Gambia accumulated over the years, hurting animals and the ecosystem around them. This inspirational true story of Isatou’s community change shows how one person’s actions really can make a difference. Ages 5+.

I Am Jane Goodall by Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer’s I Am Jane Goodall is a tribute to the chimpanzee researcher’s love of science and environmentalism. A picture book, it offers an endearing biography of Jane Goodall with vivid illustrations of her famous zoological subjects, as well as some real photos and quotes from the scientist herself. I Am Jane Goodall is the story of an ordinary person achieving extraordinary things for the good of others and the environment. The children are lucky to have such a hero. Ages 6+.

Can We Save The Tiger? by Martin Jenkins

Kids love animals, and Martin Jenkins knows this. Can We Save The Tiger? appeals especially to kids who love their furry friends, with each page filled to the brim with endangered species and why it is so important we help save them. With stunning illustrations and memorable facts, this non-fiction book is as thought-provoking as it is fascinating. Ages 5+.


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