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The Weekly Top 10 Fiction Bestseller List

E L James’ Darker has skyrocketed to Number 1 on the week of its release. It’s a clever revisiting of Fifty Shades of Grey, as told from Christian’s perspective.

These days, Lee Child has a mythic status in the world of crime writers. Tracking a missing woman through the cold wilds of Wyoming, Jack Reacher will stop at nothing to get her back. So begins The Midnight Line, another riveting Lee Child novel in the Reacher series.

Di Morrissey is back in the red dunes of the Kimberley – Jacqui has settled in Broome, but when a proposed mining development is unveiled, it’ll shake the coastal town. The Red Coast is Number 3

Not too long ago we reviewed John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar and picked it as one of the most suspenseful and original stories that we’d read in 2017. It’s no surprise, really, coming from Grisham: a writer who carved his own niche, a pioneer of the genre ‘legal thriller’. You can read our full review here. 

We’re also glad to see Judy Nunn’s most contemporary novel Sanctuary at Number 7. It’s a story about humanity set just off the coast of Western Australia, and you can watch our recent interview with her here.

Dan Brown is back at Number 4 with his latest novel Origin, an incredibly inventive story from the world’s most loved thriller writer, in the same spirit as The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

A favourite of ours, The Tea Gardens by Fiona McIntosh is an emotional and cathartic novel that follows Isla through India and England as she learns about herself and love along the way.

Australia’s shining crime writer Jane Harper is back on this week’s list with her gritty thriller Force of Nature, a guaranteed good read or Xmas pressie for any bookworm.

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  1. Darker by E L James (Arrow Books)
  2. The Midnight Line by Lee Child (Bantam Press)
  3. The Red Coast by Di Morrissey (Macmillan)
  4. Origin by Dan Brown (Bantam)
  5. The Rooster Bar by John Grisham (Hachette)
  6. Past Perfect by Danielle Steel (Macmillan)
  7. Sanctuary by Judy Nunn (William Heinemann)
  8. Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly (Allen & Unwin)
  9. The Tea Gardens by Fiona McIntosh (Michael Joseph)
  10. Force of Nature by Jane Harper (Macmillan)

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  1. Bev. Websterbunnliebev@hotmai

    So excited about the books you print.It helps me so. MucThanks again

  2. Denise Foulds

    Is there a book club associated with this sight

    1. Karen Bartlett

      Click on the link that is referred to above Denise….
      “our first ever live and interactive book club on Wednesday 27th April at 8pm!”

  3. Jessy

    Thanks for the list.

  4. Ginros

    All the light we cannot see is the best book I’ve read in ages!

  5. Tracy Bartlett

    I just wanted to know if Karen was my cousin Karen.

  6. Lissy

    Girl on the train was so overrated. I do not understand the fascination. The Dressmaker was awesome! When is the next book club? We have our own but would love to check out yours. 😃

  7. Margaret

    I found The Dressmaker started off pretty good, then ended very strange….

  8. Gary Moon

    So many great books in this list and some new ones in there for me that I will have to pick up in the coming weeks. Thank you for posting these up.
    The best book I read so far this year has been The Midnight Shrink from Edward Dreyfus (
    A fantastic psychological thriller/crime fiction from an author with years of experience as a practicing psychologist.
    He brings a lot of themes from his work into the writing and it really adds a level of authenticity that makes his novels that much more enjoyable. A must-read for fans of the genre.

    1. Gaye

      Thanks for this recommendation Gary. I love psychological thrillers, so will definitely read this one!

  9. Lynne

    Love receiving your updates. Would love to hear about more less mainstream authors/new authors. Many of the ones you mention do greet us at the entrance to the bookshop.

  10. David Ryan

    love you all to have a read of The Gulf by Anna Spargo-Ryan a local Melbourne writer.

  11. vaonlinenews

    Such a large number of awesome books in this rundown and some new ones in there for me that I should get in the coming weeks. Much obliged to you for posting these up.

    The best book I read so far this year has been The Midnight Shrink from Edward Dreyfus (

    A phenomenal spine chiller/wrongdoing fiction from a creator with years of experience as a rehearsing clinician.

    He brings a considerable measure of topics from his work into the composition and it truly includes a level of credibility that makes his books substantially more charming. An absolute necessity read for devotees of the class

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