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The Weekly Top 10 Children’s Bestseller List

Better Reading Kids brings you the Top 10 bestselling children’s book list every Monday morning.

At the top of the list this week is The Bad Guys Episode 8: Superbad plus Trading Cards (#1).

The International League of Heroes want you! But what are they looking for exactly? Gigantic muscles? Super speed? Mind power? Shape-shifting awesomeness? Possibly. But are they looking for a nude Wolf? An unconscious Piranha? A muffin-stealing Snake? And a… toaster with a fin and really big teeth? Duh! Why would you even ask that?! Knuckleheads Assemble. It’s Bad Guys Episode 8!

Next up is Andy Griffith and Terry Denton with The 104-Storey Treehouse (#2) and The 13-Storey Treehouse (#8).

The 104-Storey Treehouse is the eighth book of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s wacky treehouse adventures, where you can join Andy and Terry in throwing some refrigerators, making some money with the money-making machine (or honey if you’d prefer-it makes that too), climbing the never-ending staircase and having a bunfight with them.

Ninja Kid #2: Flying Ninja! (#3) also remains on the list. Nelson is a ninja. He’s not the coolest. Or the bravest. But he is the world’s nerdiest ninja! And now he has to stop an animal rampage and machines going crazy all over town! For that, he’ll need his new jetpack… and some serious ninja skills! How will Nelson learn to fly when he’s scared of heights?!

Aaron Blabey’s, Pig the Grub (#4) is still on the list. Pig isn’t just the world’s greediest Pug, he’s the dirtiest too. It’s high time he had a bath! But try telling Pig that . . .

Followed by Dav Pilkey’s, new addition to the Dog Man series Dog Man 5: Lord of the Fleas (#5). With Petey the Cat safely behind bars (for now) it’s time for the police force to get to the bottom of Petey’s evil ways. What drives him to do such misdeeds? Is it a history of grain-free kibble? Too much playtime with a laser light toy, perhaps? Or maybe he’s just tired and hasn’t had enough time to catnap. Petey’s talking, but is he coming clean? Dog Man and Li’l Petey are on the case and will soon find out whether the felonious feline is crafting a cat’s cradle of lies, or if he’s finally telling the truth.

WeirDo #11: Splashy Weird! (#6) is up next. The school swimming carnival is on and Weir isn’t looking forward to any of it!  Not the tiny cozzies! Or getting water up his nose! And especially not the racing! Can Weir win for his team? It won’t be easy… but it will be funny!

Seriously, Do Not Open This Book (#7) by Andy Lee is new to the list this week. He’s back again! This cheeky blue character is willing to forgive you for what happened last time but he seriously does not want you to open this book or turn its pages. What reason does he have this time?

This fun story will delight children and adults alike. Keep turning the pages and find out what happens when you reach the end all over again, if you dare

The House With a Clock in its Walls (#9) has joined the list due to the recently released movie based on the book. When Lewis Barnavelt, an orphan, comes to stay with his uncle Jonathan, he expects to meet an ordinary person. But he is wrong. Uncle Jonathan and his next-door neighbour, Mrs Zimmermann, are both witches! Lewis couldn’t be happier. What’s not to like about seeing his uncle practise spells and eating Mrs Zimmermann’s delicious cookies?

At first, watching magic is enough. Then Lewis experiments with magic himself and unknowingly resurrects the former owner of the house: a woman named Selenna Izard. It seems that evil Selenna and her husband built a timepiece into the walls – a clock that could obliterate humankind.

As the clock can be heard ticking away in the house all the time, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, it is up to the Barnavelts to find where it is hidden in the walls – and stop it. A true race against time…

Last but not least Frankie Fish and the Viking Fiasco (#10) by Peter Helliar remains on the list. Best friends Frankie and Drew are desperate to win this year’s Halloween costume parade, and they know exactly what will give them the edge: authentic Viking costumes from olden-day Norway!

The plan is simple: use their secret Sonic Suitcase to get in, get helmets, and get out. But they weren’t counting on accidentally bringing back a Viking called Birger with them – plus his angry brother Brynjar, who really has it in for Frankie and Drew. Can the boys round up the Vikings, get them back home and win the costume parade before anyone discovers what they’ve done?

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  1. The Bad Guys Episode 8: Superbad plus Trading Cards by Aaron Blabey (Scholastic)
  2. The 104-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Pan)
  3. Ninja Kid #2: Flying Ninja! by Anh Do (Omnibus)
  4. Pig the Grub by Aaron Blabey (Scholastic)
  5. Dog Man #5 Lord of the Fleas by Dave Pilkey (Scholastic)
  6. WeirDo #11 Splashy Weird by Anh Do (Omnibus Books)
  7. Seriously, Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee (Lake Press)
  8. The 13-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Pan)
  9. The House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs (Piccadilly Press)
  10. Frankie Fish and the Viking Fiasco by Peter Helliar (Hardie Grant Egmont)

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