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Preview Reviews: Under the Midnight Sky by Anna Romer

April 23, 2019

Our latest Better Reading Preview title was Anna Romer’s Under the Midnight Skya thrilling mystery that examines love of all kinds and its power to do good or evil.

Here’s what our Preview reviewers said about the book…

Thank you for the opportunity to review “Under the Midnight Sky” by Anna Romer. Reading this novel, which falls within one of my favourite genres (mystery), was an absolute treat. “Under the Midnight Sky” revolves around the disappearance of young girls, both in the present day and many years before, and the efforts of a journalist, Abby Bardot, to uncover the truth. Abby’s interest, however, goes beyond the professional, as she battles her own personal demons, a mission that is both assisted and complicated by her involvement with reclusive author, Tom Gabriel. Again, the professional and the personal become one. “Under the Midnight Sky” begins as a slow-burning novel, becoming impossible to put down as the truth unfolds. The characters are well-crafted and relatable, and Romer is an expert in creating tension. I could picture scenes clearly and experienced the depths of emotions of the characters, but there was never a reliance on violent imagery. I would highly recommend “Under the Midnight Sky” to lovers of mysteries with heart. I was unfamiliar with the work of Anna Romer prior to reading this novel, but I am looking forward to acquainting myself with her previous works soon. – Alison, QLD, 4 stars

I definitely I not see that ending coming. As soon as I started ‘Under The Midnight Sky’ I could not put it down. Right from the start I wanted to know who the girl in the bush was and where she went. Is she another victim like the kidnapped girls and murders from as far back as twenty years ago? Oh, and the deep dark secrets… They were deep and dark. Anna Romer has managed to put together a wonderfully written story that kept me reading till the end. I can say that it took me two sittings to get through it, which is an great achievement for me. I loved how the characters and story were believable and made the reader feel like they could see the story unfolding in front of them. Abby was my favourite character, and I was intriguied by her mission to find out who the Deepwater Gorge Killer was because she felt that she was one of the lucky ones who escaped him. Romer managed to meld places, people and events from the past and present to keep the story capturing your imagination. I do love the quote “The hardest person to forgive is always yourself” – it’s so true. I so love reading books written and based in Australia. And my city did get a little mention… go Adelaide. Thank you to Better Reading and Simon & Schuster Australia for this review copy. Now I need to get ‘Beyond the Orchard’ off my bookshelf and start reading. -Maria, SA, 4 stars

I loved this book, the first I have read by Anna Romer. Under The Midnight Sky is an enthralling mystery thriller. It had me intrigued from start to finish. The past and the present are intertwined as is the story of Abby Bardot, local journalist, who searches for answers about her own abduction, a local girl’s recent disappearance, and the abduction of two girls in 1948. Suffering from her own demons, she meets with famous author, Tom Gabriel, but becomes stranded at his property, Ravensong, leading to an unlikely friendship as the mystery deepens. I wasn’t sure of who the villain was until the very end, but it left me in tears. Such a wonderful read! Thanks to Better Reading and Simon and Schuster for the opportunity! – Jo, WA, 4 stars

There’s nothing I love more than a ripping Australian read set against the stunning Australian landscape. I was quickly absorbed by the intrigue of this story and would have devoured it in one sitting if life had allowed! I warmed to Abby immediately and really enjoyed her character. My favourite aspect of the novel was the way the landscape informed and influenced everything from the characters to the events. A complex, multilayered and intriguing story. I’ll definitely be looking for more of Anna Romer’s work. – Im, VIC, 5 stars

This book was fantastic. It kept me guessing to the very end. I’m not someone who generally likes this genre but I have been getting into it lately and this book is a fine example. It was easy to read but in a spell-binding way which kept me turning the pages wanting to find out what happens next. I can’t wait to read more from this author! – Bridgette, NSW, 5 stars

Anna Romer’s Under The Midnight Sky is a fabulous suspenseful tale full of mystery, old secrets, a little romance, and twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way through. I particularly loved the way the stories from two eras are interwoven throughout the book and come together at the end. I loved every page and would highly recommend this to my friends and family. Thanks to Better Reading for introducing me to this fantastic Aussie author. Imogen, VIC, 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Was pleasantly surprised. If you like The Dry you’ll love this book. Rebecca, QLD, 5 stars

Journalist Abby Bardot finds a teen girl injured in a reserve. By the time she returns with help, the girl is gone. So begins Anna Romer’s latest novel, Under the Midnight Sky. But how is the incident connected to Abby’s own childhood experiences, still haunting her today? Then, sent to interview media-averse author Tom Gabriel, Abby discovers a hidden room in the old house he has moved into, and more secrets from the past emerge. Finally, talking to Lil Corbin, more questions arise – where does she go late at night, and why is she so reluctant to talk about her past? This book is part gradually-unfolding mystery, part love story, told through present-day accounts and decades-old diary entries. Slowly, tragic events spanning three generations unravel, until finally the connections are exposed and explained. A great sense of intrigue and anticipation builds throughout the novel, with several possible explanations for the disappearance of girls across the decades, but ultimately the ending is slightly anti-climactic and unsatisfying. This is a solid, suspenseful read from Anna Romer. – Laura, NSW, 4 stars

Loved it, I was a little confused at the beginning whilst characters were forming as the chapters flitted between past and present but once I grasped the characters it flowed beautifully. The story kept me intrigued all the way through as to how the mystery would unfold. The points of interest to me was the mystery behind ‘who done it’ and the locations the story was set in, ie the House the Gorge and the Caravan, spooky, eerie, fun. Unravelling stories from the past with only little bits of information kept me glued into wanting to know more. The characters were well developed, I formulated a picture of them and their mannerisms clearly, also the way the characters interacted with each. I enjoyed the writing style so much, I went and purchased two more titles from the author Anna Romer. Michelle, QLD, 5 stars

From the very first pages of Under the Midnight Sky I was captivated. With multiple mysteries and secrets woven throughout the novel, this book kept me on the edge of my seat. There are twists and turns I wasn’t expecting all the way up until the last page. This is a well-crafted thriller with a lot of different storylines woven together with care and attention. Combining the modern day happenings with a seventy-year-old cold case isn’t an easy thing to do, but the author did so brilliantly. The characters come to life and I loved the setting – this book is quintessentially Australian and the landscape was as important to the plot as the characters who inhabited it. I was intrigued by all the different relationships in the book and found the connections between the characters made the story all the more compelling. I haven’t read an Anna Romer novel before but I can’t wait to read her previous books. Her storytelling is perfect for this kind of murder-mystery and this book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys well-written thrillers which will keep you guessing. Kate, QLD, 4 stars

“Under the Midnight Sky” is a gem of a book – it is both a page-turning thriller and a nuanced exploration of the ways in which our need for love is often driven by our secret longing to be made to feel as precious as a star in the sky. Romer’s novel is filled with a cast of engaging characters and effectively switches between different perspectives in order to drive the narrative. However, this book’s greatest strength is its clear sense of place, and its gothic sentiments in intertwining the plot and the landscape make it an evocative read. Romer highlights the fierceness and unpredictability of nature with a deftness which allows the references to the landscape to avoid feeling contrived. The portrayal of the Australian bush as a somewhat malevolent, all-encompassing backdrop to the mysterious history of Ravensong provides unexpected depth and texture to Romer’s highly enjoyable novel. – Claire, QLD, 4 stars

Wow, what an amazing read! Under the Midnight Sky was utterly enthralling; the mystery, the suspense, the intrigue had me hooked from the very beginning right until the final pages. Author Anna Romer paints an exceptional portrait of the Australian landscape and brings to life fascinating characters who all have their own secrets and demons that gradually unfold as the narrative progresses. What an extremely satisfying and phenomenal read! Thank you so much Better Reading Preview and Simon and Schuster Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book. – Sarah, VIC, 5 stars

It took me a while to get in to this story. I found it confusing switching between different points of view with the different characters saying things in the same way. I liked the premise of the story but could not really connect with the characters. Anna is quite a descriptive writer and I enjoyed that. – Shannon, NSW, 3 stars

This is the second book of Anna Romer’s that I have read and it is absolutely five stars! It is engaging from the outset, with the main character Abby Bardot discovering a child in the woods. This discovery plus being haunted by her own past, sees her pursuing the story of the murders of young girls which also occurred in the woods. Romer’s description of the Australian bush and the linkages between the past, the woods, the house and the diary entries are all beautifully linked together. This book is loaded with plenty of twists, turns, secrets and memory flashbacks. Romer has written a magnificent unputdownable psychological thriller which keeps the reader engaged until the very end. – Brenda, NSW, 5 stars

Anna Romer’s skilfully woven story of mystery and murder, set in a remote patch of bush, explores the connections of past events and how they mould the future. The true nature of each character is revealed layer by layer as we wander deeper into the mystery. How are events of the past linked to the present? Has a killer returned to this same remote area after all this time? Is local journalist Abby Bardot onto something or is she connecting dots which only exist in her imagination? We relate easily to Abby, we see her struggles and are wanting to resolve the mysteries, both of the missing girl and of Abby’s own past. We want her developing relationships to bring her happiness but we know that road may not be smooth. Romer’s writing takes us along a carefully constructed track through events over two decades. Her writing evokes a sense of time and place and we want to understand what is going on. As we read the novel it develops from a series of possibilities, each chapter revealing a piece of the puzzle but not always leading us where we expect to go. Romer deliberately teases us with twist and turns until we reach our final destination. A well-crafted story of gathering momentum, Anna Romer leads us through the silent fragrance of the Australian bush to a place where tranquility is replaced by terror. A terrific read with a satisfying conclusion. – Chris, QLD, 4 stars

This book had some great pros – a very strong female lead character, and women in high places, a love story, and a very realistic Australian country town landscape. There were some very deeply buried secrets that were hard to guess, and the characters had well-developed back stories. The story is told from a number of perspectives, as well as diary entries, but what is consistent throughout is the deep and vivid descriptions of the Australian landscape. Although an intriguing plot, I did find at times that there seemed to be too many stories going on, with Abby’s back story, and Tom’s, and Joe, and Lil, and Shayla. I felt that in amongst that, some things got lost or forgotten. Particularly Shayla’s story, despite that being really where everything started. I also found some of it to be slightly unbelievable. While it definitely had enjoyable aspects, it wouldn’t be a book that I would go back to read again, but I may give the author another go. Three and a half stars from me. – Lisa, SA, 3 stars

Under the Midnight Sky is another gripping novel from Anna Romer who comfortably and unselfconsciously (if there is such a word!) sets her tales in everyday Australian settings. The plot unfurls primarily through the eyes of Abby Bardot, a journalist who has moved back to her struggling home town after the death her father. The story develops amidst switching timelines to set out a series of mysterious abductions and murders of young women over a number of decades. Overall, it is an enjoyable thriller/ mystery where the engrossing plot overcomes a couple of minor editing and printing glitches. For example, there is a fascination with river green eyes and another character’s eye colour switches seamlessly from grey to blue. Maybe it’s the light? Despite these very minor hiccoughs, Anna Romer proves again that she is an Australian author worth following. – Vicki, QLD, 4 stars

Under The Midnight Sky written by Anna Romer is going to be a bestseller in 2019 – from the first page to the last readers will love this book. Mystery, secrets, lies, deceit and murder – this book has it all, with a surprise ending I never saw coming. The characters are so real and the story totally believable. – Deborah, NSW, 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Under the Midnight Sky and was swept away in the remote countryside and the mysteries held in the gorge. The apathy toward the low socio-economic community in Gundara and the lack of action by the police in reference to the runaways was disturbing but understandable. Little hooks of information are delivered to sink you into the story, making the mystery bigger and more compelling, with each new snippet. The story is narrated in multiple perspectives often changing within a chapter. I usually find this type of narration confusing however Romer pulls it off by changing the scene as well as the narration. The story holds mysteries within a mystery all layered on top of each other and centred around the murdered girls. Underlying themes of love and PTSD, and its consequences, run deep through the novel. The story is a murder mystery however it is not graphic. The murders are only mentioned as a catalyst for the mystery. Under the Midnight Sky is atmospheric and moving. Anna Romer is one of the great storytellers of our time. – Veronica, NSW, 4 stars

This was the first novel by Anna Romer I have read, and it definitely will not be the last. I loved the Australian setting and the characters, for me it was hard to pick a favourite. The novel was extremely well written, enabling you to easily picture the settings and characters in your mind, and very easy to understand especially when passing from past to present. With a little bit of mystery, suspense, romance and drama rolled into one it would be ideal for readers of many different genres. There was only one problem for me – I found it very difficult to put down! – Katrina, QLD, 5 stars

I read a lot in this genre and this was an exceptionally easy read. Although at times things felt a little too convenient and contrived, I found the main characters of Abby and Tom to be so likeable that I didn’t mind. Romer has a way of describing things and people that paints a real and beautiful picture. I would read another book with this protagonist if she writes one. – Laura, ACT, 3 stars

Under the Midnight Sky was a great read, from start to finish I had trouble putting it down when I needed to. I loved that it was Australian, loved the characters, the suspense and mystery being peeled back through a time line was well done and I changed my mind several times on what was behind the present situation. This book had it all, with a love interest to top it off. Not usually my topic of choice I was thrilled to read and review. Read it – you will not be disappointed. Anna Romer is new to me, however I will definitely read more of her work. – Debbie, VIC, 4 stars

An abduction of two young girls in 1948, bodies found in bushland years later, an old property called Ravensong, a journalist, novelist and a missing girl. All this is entwined in this riveting novel by Anna Romer. From start to finish you want to keep reading as the story of the lives of so many unfold into a story of abduction, death, friendship and even love. Abby, the local country journalist, has flashbacks to a time when she was younger. She is still trying to piece them together so others will believe her story. Tom Gabriel, novelist and recluse, buys an old property called Ravensong so he can write his next bestselling novel. He has problems of his own but when the lives of these two characters come together they uncover a story like no other. All the way through the book your mind changes – who did it, what happened and will the full story ever be told? The story follows two paths, that of two young girls in 1948 and the story of Abby. I kept reading, entranced and wanting to know, what happened to Abby and those two girls in 1948 and who was found in those shallow graves! – Donna, TAS, 5 stars

Romance, mystery and intrigue all set in the wilds of the Australian bush. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed how they narrated the book. The twist at the end was completely unexpected. I thoroughly enjoyed Anna Romer’s new novel! – Kelly, QLD, 5 stars

‘Under The Midnight Sky’ was a surprise from start to finish. The main characters of the book all entwine, and you get a real feeling and understanding of them all. At first I found it hard and a little off-putting when we seemed to jump from character to character, however the further I got into the book, it was easier to deal with. Whether that was because I had a better understanding of the characters, or I was engrossed in the story, and wanting to find out what happened, I’m not sure. I certainly wasn’t expecting the book to end in the way it did. For me, Lilian was my favourite character – strong, silent, and the carrier of many dark secrets. I would recommend this book to people who like a bit of mystery, and there’s some suspense in it too. It leaves you wanting more, and wanting to know all the answers. – Fiona, QLD, 3 stars

Thank you to Better Reading for a free copy of Under the Midnight Sky by Anna Romer. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to review this book because to be completely honest and superficial, the cover and title would not have inspired me. A journalist, a missing teenager, a crime writer and a secretive elderly couple all intertwine to reveal a killer with a lot to hide. I loved this mystery that bought together three generations of abducted and murdered children in a mystery full of suspense and anticipation. The wide range of players in this book are extremely well written, and the description of the rugged and cold Australian terrain has you right there. This novel releases in May and I will definitely be looking up other novels by this author. – Penne, NSW, 4 stars

This is the first Anna Romer novel that I’ve read but it certainly won’t be my last. I have to say up front that I didn’t guess ‘whodunnit’, and that for a very long time I smugly thought that I did. It’s a mystery that begets a mystery. Abby Bardot had a near death experience at a young age and as an adult journalist comes back to her hometown to investigate the truth about her memories. She unravels more than her personal mystery, and Romer enables Abby to take the reader on her journey of discovery. When Abby meets and spends time with Tom Gabriel, a usually reclusive crime writer, the mysteries begin to unfold. His new home provides hints and secrets of its own. When the historical and present-day mysteries collide, time and place become increasingly important. Despite Abby’s emotional constraints she forges new friendships and through these relationships we learn more about Abby and the mysteries past and present. As a reader I enjoyed observing Abby work to uncover truths and as her character developed Romer ensured that I cared about Abby’s developing relationships and the rekindling of honest emotion. – Jane, QLD, 4 stars

Fans of Romer’s Australian mysteries will love Under the Midnight Sky. It is a quick, page-turning weekend read that is suspenseful and perfectly paced. The characters and setting, both historical and contemporary are, on the main, easily accessible. The themes of trauma, loss and redemption grab hold of the psyche, not letting go even after the last page has been read. Highly recommended for any aficionados of the mystery genre. – Megan, NSW, 4 stars

A thrilling read that kept me guessing to the very end, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Under the Midnight Sky’. From the present to the past, Anna Romer takes the reader on an intriguing journey. The story centres on the mystery that surrounds Deepwater Gorge and the tragic events that occurred there, and may be occurring still. We are introduced to likeable and relatable characters, including the tenacious yet vulnerable journalist Abby, the lonely and mysterious writer Tom, and the sweet, kind hearted local Lil. Full of twists and turns, I eagerly navigated this story until the pieces fell into place and the heartbreaking, but fitting, ending was revealed. I have added Anna Romer’s previous novels to my reading list and I highly recommend others add this novel to theirs. – Alice, NSW, 4 stars

Thank you Better Reading for giving me the opportunity to review ‘Under the Midnight Sky’. I thought that the plot of this novel was relatively compelling, in particular the emerging romance between the two protagonists. However, the quality of the writing was poor; it was too wordy and felt a bit stilted. In addition, a few too many cliches were used. As an alternative to ‘Under the Midnight Sky’, I would recommend reading fiction by Jane Harper or Peter Temple. – Louise, VIC, 2 stars

Anna Romer’s fourth novel launches straight into intrigue with an unidentified unconscious teen disappearing from a bush clearing before the summoned ambulance arrives. And there’s plenty more mystery contained in this novel, what with a hidden locked room, a bloodstained pillow, a single diary page hinting at two young girls held captive, as well as missing teens and shallow graves in the Aussie bush. There’s also a good deal of sexual tension between the two young protagonists and a sweetly devoted older couple. The descriptions of the Aussie bush had me smelling the eucalypts and hearing the birdsong. It’s fast-paced, with a red herring or two, and a great twist that kept me guessing. A terrific Aussie page-turner. – Marianne, NSW, 5 stars

I couldn’t put this book down. I was hooked right from the beginning. The characters are all interesting and the developments between them bring all the suspense and intriguing pieces together. I loved the character Abby Bardot and how she lives each day, dealing with her past and being strong, to the love story that unfolds. She certainly deserves to be happy. This is one of the best books I have read in a while. Can’t wait to read more novels by Anna Romer. – Therese, NSW, 5 stars

I got to read this as a Better Reading review book, and I really liked lots of it. The difference time lines were so easy to navigate. I really like Abby from the start. Indeed, all of the characters were well formed. They were all friends, and I particularly love Joe. The plot so isn’t my type of book. I don’t like murders. I really don’t like whodunnits. But it was so easy to read, the violence wasn’t graphic it was just there. And the love story took the edge off. The language was so lovely to read. I really enjoyed it! – Anna, NSW, 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gripped me from the start. The story was intriguing, the characters were well formed, and the plot unfolded beautifully. I will certainly be reading more from Anna Romer’s catalogue in the future. – Laura, SA, 5 stars

Thanks to Better Reading for my ARC of this amazing story. ‘Under the Midnight Sky’ had me hooked until the end. A suspenseful story set in the Australian landscape and complete with beautiful characters. The story wasn’t what at all what I had expected… it was even better and complete with a twist I didn’t see coming. I hadn’t heard of Anna Romer before this book – I can’t wait to read more from her catalogue. – Emma, VIC, 4 stars

This is the first of Anna Romer’s books I have read, but it certainly won’t be the last. I loved this book and found it hard to put down. Set in Australia over two timelines – current day and the period post-World War Two – it is a gripping thriller which draws you in from page one. I loved the dynamic between Abby and Tom which added a touch of romance, and the distinctly Australian references to things like The Australian Women’s Weekly and K-mart! An extremely sad and bittersweet story but one not to be missed. – Liz, VIC, 5 stars

Under the Midnight Sky was such a great story – I really loved Abby and wanted to know what happened and why she was reacting the way she was towards Tom. Great back story with one hell of a twist I did not see coming. Brilliant – can’t wait to read Anna Romer’s next book. Give this a read, you will love it from page one until the end, and will not want it to end. – Elizabeth, NSW, 5 stars

Thank you Better Reading for my ARC of Anna Romer’s ‘Under the Midnight Sky’. This novel was such a brilliant read. It ticked all the boxes for me. Australian setting, love, mystery, suspense and a storyline which moves between different timelines but is easily followed. All the characters are well formed, but my favourite is Joe. After a tough divorce he is living a solitary lifestyle but finds himself in the thick of it all. Although he wants nothing more than to be alone, he blends in well with the hype of Abby’s investigations. I enjoyed their ‘relationship’ and how Joe embraced Abby’s company. I did, however, think the ‘who done it’ was a little predictable. But the whole novel was definitely a page turner! Loved it! – Rebecca, TAS, 5 stars

I loved “Under the Midnight Sky” by Anna Romer. It covered several mysteries over decades and included a simmering romance which was delightful. With brilliant descriptions of people and places, it was easy for me to fully immerse myself. I couldn’t put the book down and read it in one sitting. I wanted to find out who had done the killings, where the missing teenager was and who kidnapped the two young girls many decades earlier. The main characters are believable and there is an appealing sympathetic treatment of some of the minor characters. Abby is the heroine – a reporter with personal experience and loss related to the killing of the young girls. Another star of the book is the old house, Ravensong. It had been the location of some of the terrible events. However, it was also where some of the mysteries were solved and were the romance started. The book starts off with Abby finding a disoriented young teenager with injuries. I was hooked from this moment and enjoyed my journey through the book. I was satisfied with the ending. – Sandra, ACT, 5 stars

Under the Midnight Sky is a lovely mix of romance and mystery. Visually descriptive, from the start you are transported to the Australian bush by the smells and sounds. The development of the main characters as complicated people was well done, not too deep, but believable and relatable. There were enough twists through the story to keep me guessing until the end. Light, enjoyable, and easy to read. – Cassandra, QLD, 4 stars

I enjoyed this book from the first page to the very last. This was such an easy, smooth read. Anna reeled me in with her first descriptive words as she weaved a story that had an unexpected ending to the mystery but the expected happy ending with Abby and Tom. The storyline is about Abby searching for a missing teenager who has disappeared in an area where three bodies were found. Abby thinks this is the same area where she was abducted when she was a young girl. Anna has a magic touch with her use of descriptive language. It was so easy to see boulders that looked like ‘monster skulls’ or hear a dishwashing ‘purring’ when it was turned on. She used more of that beautiful language to describe her characters. She painted some with a sympathetic brush so when I found out who the villain was, I had mixed feelings about that person. You aren’t meant to feel sorry for the villain, but Anna manages to get that feeling across to her readers. I liked the cover of this ARC but not sure if it’s Australian enough for Under the Midnight Sky. Anna knows how to spin a good yarn, one where you are kept guessing right to the end. Then you get the ‘twist’! Loved it. – Andrew, ACT, 5 stars

Loved the book. A wonderful story. Loved the cranky author character. Would seek out her other novels to read. – Sally, VIC, 5 stars

Under the Midnight Sky is a book about how traumas can impact people for a long time. A childhood trauma to Lilly caused irreparable damage that caused trauma to others. It is a mystery about what happened to missing young girls in one area over decades. A young journalist who was a victim but survived needed to find out why and who committed these dreadful acts. In her research for an article, she puts to rest her fears, makes right a dreadful wrong, and finds love. I did find that some questions weren’t answered for me and the book was a little hard to follow. – Gloria, SA, 2 stars

Under the Midnight Sky is the first book I have read from Anna Romer, and Romer grabs our curiosity from the very beginning – what’s happened in Deepwater? Who actually kidnapped all those missing girls? Abby, a journalist at a local paper, is a lead character in this book. The author brings in another male character, Tom – who in my opinion is an unnecessary addition apart than making the story a bit corny along the way. However, the author did a good job to make the story flow between past and present. Back in 1948, Frankie and Lilly were trapped together in a house in Ravensong for five years, and only one of them managed to return home. The plot is absolutely exciting that I couldn’t put it down as with all the curiosities built from the beginning of the book. I can say that the story has a tragic and surprising end. I did, however, enjoy the book’s ending. Thank you to Better Reading for providing an advanced free copy of this book. – Vivi, NSW, 4 stars

Romance. Mystery. Ethical dilemmas. Three phrases which summarise this book. The author has the bones for an incredible narrative, however the story follows some well known storylines. A twist in the plot is a credit to the author, though the remainder of the story is general stereotypical stories e.g. the grumpy man finds love. The book formatting needs some editing and the layout could be more reader friendly. The newspaper pieces and parts from the journals could be formatted in different font types etc. – Heidi, NSW, 2 stars


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