July Better Reading BE: Books For When Life Doesn’t Go to Plan

July Better Reading BE: Books For When Life Doesn’t Go to Plan

Books are a way of making sense of the world, and 2021 certainly has been another difficult year to make sense of. We often struggle, wondering if life will ever return to pre-pandemic normal.

Join us on the last Tuesday of every month for our Better Reading BE Facebook LIVE that focuses on titles we feel inspire, educate, empower and nurture readers. We’re looking for special books: books written by experts in their field, books that celebrate women, and books that educate. Subjects that are covered include mindfulness and meditation, healing and health, powerful memoirs, and self-development. Books that support you through these trying times.

Click here to watch our July BE Live. Read on to learn more about the titles we discussed…

BE BOOK OF THE MONTH: Plan B by Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia’s top life coaches, keynote speakers, and the bestselling author of The Life Plan. She’s taken her own experiences with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression and created simple and effective ways for others to deal with life’s obstacles. Her latest book, Plan B, is a guide to navigating and embracing change. Whether that change is personal, professional, or due to a pandemic, Kennedy says that “change can turn our plans, our lives and our dreams upside down.” This four-part practical handbook provides advice, tips, and tools for processing these changes and setting new goals that will lead to a healthier mindset and a happier life.

Listen to our podcast with Shannah Kennedy here.

The Portal: How Meditation Can Save the World by Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer 

The Portal explores how meditation and mindfulness will unlock your power, grow your compassion for those around you, and awaken your thirst for change. Sharing personal stories from six people who healed their lives through meditation as well as compelling insights from some of today’s most innovative thinkers, The Portal shares a vision for humanity transformed. Weaving a vibrant tapestry of technology, love, the future, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking and inner peace, it will rekindle your excitement for the future.

Also a documentary, The Portal is a great book for both beginners and experienced meditators alike. Calm your mind. Unlock your power. Save the planet.

Be Bold by Alexis Fernandez

Your brain is both your greatest cheerleader and your worst enemy; it’s just a matter of taking action and learning (and unlearning) how to unlock the very best version of you. This is your personal guide to a mindset renovation, because your best life is closer than you think.

From Alexis Fernandez, neuroscience whiz and host of the podcast Do You F***ing Mind?, this book is full of tough love, practical advice and inspiring insight that will permanently change your mindset and life for the better.

Next month we’ll discuss…

Dissolve by Nikki Gemmell

Dissolve is a deeply personal, profoundly intimate reflection on love and female creativity in a man’s world, and what happens when it all collides. Having lived through the humiliation and bewildering complexity of a time of failure, Nikki Gemmell eventually resurfaced. Decades later she has written a meditation on women’s lives and creative desires.

This is a conversation. A conversation with the beautiful young women of her teenage daughter’s generation, and of course with men. With husbands and male artists.

Dissolve is a hopeful, exhilarating book about women finding their voice.

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26 July 2021

Podcast: Shannah Kennedy on Allowing Ourselves to be Happy with Plan B

    Publisher details

    The Portal: How Meditation Can Save the World
    Jacqui Fifer, Tom Cronin
    Murdoch Books
    Non Fiction
    10 February, 2020


    A tidal wave of cataclysmic change is sweeping the planet that could leave a trail of wreckage unlike anything we have seen before. No, this is not sci-fi - this is real life. Humankind is staring into an abyss, yet it's hard to focus on the pain of the world when we're still having trouble managing our own. Enter The Portal, a heart-opening experience of transformation on a personal and global scale. To be published in conjunction with the global release of the film, The Portal is an exploration of how humans transform in times of crisis, and takes us on a global journey with six people who each experience their own painful, cataclysmic event, before finding stillness through meditation; showing us our unique capacity to bring ourselves (and our species) back from the brink. Supported by global insights from three futurists and philosophers - Daniel Schmachtenberger, Dr Julia Mossbridge and Mikey Siegel - The Portal will take you on an intimate journey to explore how to find focus through the noise of modern life, and the shifts that meditation can bring to the lives of those it touches. The Portal: How meditation can save the world will rekindle your excitement for yourself, humanity and the future. Is an enlightened planet possible? Enter The Portal to find out.

    Publisher details

    Plan B
    Shannah Kennedy
    20 July, 2021


    Shannah Kennedy, bestselling author of The Life Plan, takes you on a journey to accept change, heal, reset and move forward with clarity, direction and purpose once again. Change can turn our plans, our lives and our dreams upside down. Whether you have faced a redundancy, dealt with a break-up, been in an accident, lost a loved one, had a health scare, or been impacted by an economic downturn, your ability to navigate through the change process and create an alternative plan will be the key to your future happiness. Shannah Kennedy, bestselling author of The Life Plan, has created a simple yet powerful four-part guide that is designed to give you the confidence to accept, heal, grow and adapt. Full of practical tips and exercises to help you process your emotions, restore and recover, shift your mindset, set clear goals and take control, Plan B is your roadmap to finding happiness once again.


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