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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

by Dave Eggers

‘Heartbreaking? Certainly. Staggering? Yes, I’d say so. And if genius is capturing the universal in a fresh and memorable way, call it that too’ – Anthony Quinn, “Sunday Times”.

‘Is this how all orphans would speak – ‘I am at once pitiful and monstrous, I know’ – if they had Dave Eggers’ prodigious linguistic gifts. For he does write wonderfully, and this is an extremely impressive debut’ – John Banville, “Irish Times”.

‘A virtuosic piece of writing, a big, daring, manic-depressive stew of a book that noisily announces the debut of a talented – yes, staggeringly talented – new writer’ – Michiko Kakutani, “New York Times”.

‘Exhilarating …Profoundly moving, occasionally angry and often hilarious …”A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” is, finally, a finite book of jest, which is why it succeeds so brilliantly’ – “New York Times Book Review”.

‘What is really shocking and exciting is the book’s sheer rage. Ahwosg is truly ferocious, like any work of genius.

Eggers – self-reliant, transcendent, expansive – is Emerson’s ideal “Young American”. [The book] does itself justice: it is a settling of accounts. And it is almost too good to be believed’ – “London Review of Books”.

‘A hilarious book …In it, literary gamesmanship and self-consciousness are trained on life’s most unendurable experience, used to examine a memory too scorching to stare at, as one views an eclipse by projecting sunlight onto paper through a pinhole’ – “Time”.

‘Eggers evokes the terrible beauty of youth like a young Bob Dylan, frothing with furious anger…He takes us close, shows us as much as he can bear …His book is a comic and moving witness that transcends and transgresses formal boundaries’ – “Washington Post”.

About Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers (born March 12, 1970) is an American writer, editor, and publisher. He is known for the best-selling memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and for his subsequent work as a novelist and screenwriter. He is also the founder of McSweeney's, the co-founder of the literacy project 826 Valencia, and the founder of ScholarMatch, a program that matches donors with students needing funds for college tuition. His writing has appeared in several magazines. His works have received a significant amount of critical acclaim.

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