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Archie – No Ordinary Sloth

by Heath McKenzie

Archie is a little sloth who is very energetic. Archie loves to leap and swing and dance about! However the other sloths eventually tire of his busy antics and ask him to leave. Archie leaves and discovers some new friends who are also different in their own special ways. But Archie still misses his sloth friends.

Acting on some sage advice from an elephant Archie returns home to find his friends in danger. Will his fast-thinking and fast-action ways save them? Will they ever accept his difference?



01 March, 2016

About Heath McKenzie

Heath McKenzie is a best-selling illustrator from Melbourne. His work has appeared in children’s books, magazines (for all ages), novels, cover art, ad campaigns, and even jewellery. Horror stories generally scare him though he loves them nonetheless - particularly zombie and monster-based fare. On the other hand, he can't resist and bright and sugary musical either... all this plus a tremendously varied music soundtrack tends to affect and inspire his work.


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