Between the Vines

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Between the Vines
Tricia Stringer
01 December, 2015


Between the Vines is a deliciously romantic novel, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and with a compelling storyline that culminates in a nail-biting, but satisfying, conclusion among the vineyards of South Australia.

Edward and Peter Starr are two troubled brothers, trying to run their family vineyard after the tragic death of their parents, but fortunes start to change for them with the unexpected arrival of a blonde stranger from Adelaide.

Taylor Rourke hasn’t had much luck where men are concerned, despite her good looks and bubbly personality. She’s always falling for the wrong types, so when she falls for Edward Starr on a hen’s weekend visit to Wriggly Creek’s cellar door, she is initially cautious.

She decides to flee the city anyway – there’s not that much going for her there after losing her job as a courier. She spends a hot summer helping out with the busy vintage period, learning all about winemaking, despite being a beer drinker and a chronic arachnophobe. But it’s not only vintage season that’s got everyone flustered. Something’s not quite right at the winery – Edward is acting shadily, arranging secret meetings with mysterious businessmen, and Pete is perturbed by his own surging feelings for Taylor, his brother’s girl.  Or is she?

Tricia Stringer already has a legion of fans for her heartwarming rural romances, including Queen of the Road, which won the Romance Writer’s of Australia Romantic Book of the Year 2013. Tricia grew up on a farm on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and currently lives on the rural coast, where she shares a rambling old farmhouse with her husband and assorted animals.

Between the Vines is an immensely readable book, especially as it draws to its exciting conclusion and keeps you guessing until the very end. Set in a vintage year in the hot vineyards of South Australia, it’s perfect for a lazy summer read, at the beach or in the country.

Tricia Stringer
About the author

Tricia Stringer

After Tricia Stringer’s fortieth birthday party she still had two things left on her 'to do before forty' list – write a children’s novel and parachute from a plane. She gave up on the parachuting idea but not the writing and has since published several books. Queen of the Road was her first book with Harlequin and she is very excited that it went on to win the RWA Romantic Book of the Year for 2013 as well as be one of the 50 Books You Can’t Put Down in the 2013 Get Reading campaign.A country girl through-and-through, Tricia grew up on a farm on South Australia's, Eyre Peninsula. With a brief stint in the city for secondary education and teacher training she has always lived in rural communities and is currently not too far from the beach in the Copper Coast region of South Australia. Here she shares a rambling old farmhouse with her husband and assorted animals - only some of which are pets!Some people would think that being an IT coordinator, teacher, librarian, wife, mother and grandmother would be enough to fill your days – yet somehow Tricia still finds the time to write. Inspired to create local history stories for the children she taught, Tricia honed her writing skills via courses, classes and lots of practice. While awaiting the publication of those early children's books she began dabbling with an adult short story for a writing competition with a rural theme. The short story became a full length novel and went on to become the first of her rural romances.Tricia likes to create convincing characters in realistic situations. Her novels always have a rural setting and explore themes particular to Australian country life, which of course include romance - where would we be without a little romance in our lives! Her latest book, Riverboat Point, is her sixth rural romance.As for parachuting – she’s done that too. There’s something special about jumping out of a plane high over Queenstown, New Zealand. What a view!

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Book of the Week: Between the Vines by Tricia Stringer


15 December 2015

Book of the Week: Between the Vines by Tricia Stringer


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