Everything Under the Sun

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Molly Oldfield
Children’s Non-Fiction
14 September, 2021

Everything Under the Sun

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Recommended for ages 4+.

A wonderful collection of 366 curious questions asked by children from around the world, based on the award-winning podcast by Molly Oldfield.

How much bamboo can a giant panda eat? Do aliens exist? What we would do if we didn't have a prime minister? Why do hammerhead sharks have such strange-shaped heads?

Find out the answers to these curious questions and much, much more! Ponder where ideas come from with award-winning illustrator, Rob Biddulph. Find out why you taste things differently when you have a cold with Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal. Learn about everything from how astronauts see in the dark to what the biggest dinosaur was with experts from the Natural History Museum.

Fascinating facts are accompanied by gorgeous illustrations making the perfect gift for Christmas. Whether you read a question a day, or dip into it whenever you are feeling curious, this is a book to treasure and share all year round.
Molly Oldfield
About the author

Molly Oldfield

Molly Oldfield is a writer. She studied History at Oxford before becoming a QI elf, writing questions for the BBC quiz show, researching lots of books, a radio show called The Museum of Curiosity and writing a weekly column in The Saturday Telegraph.

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