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Figgy Takes The City

by Tamsin Janu

Both Nana and Figgy receive scholarships to attend the Hope College in Ghana’s big city, Accra. Figgy and Nana will have to leave behind the village and family they love, meet lots of new people and learn new things. Figgy does not want to go, but Grandma Ama says she must. But Nana begins acting strange and he will not tell Figgy what he is doing when he disappears from school on the weekends. When Figgy follows him one day, to a place that is scary and sad, she must convince him that he will always be a part of her family, no matter where he comes from. And she learns that sometimes change is not so bad-especially if you have somewhere and someone to go home to.


01 September, 2017

About Tamsin Janu

Tamsin Janu was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Until last year, she studied law and international and global studies at the University of Sydney, and now she works as a youth worker in a remote community in the Northern Territory Central Desert.

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