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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2

by Elena Favilli

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2 features 100 new bedtime stories, each inspired to the life and adventures of extraordinary women from Nefertiti to Beyonce.

The unique narrative style of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls transforms each biography in a fairy-tale, filling the readers with wonder and with a burning curiosity to know more about each hero.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2 features stunning artwork created by 70 female artists from all over the world.

What’s new in Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2?

1. 100 NEW PORTRAITS, 100 NEW STORIES: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 is an entirely new collection of 100 bedtime stories about extraordinary women from all over the world. It boasts a brand new graphic design + 100 incredible new portraits created by the best female artists of our time.

2. DIVERSITY: Having a passionate community that spans across 70+ countries is a great way to discover incredible stories. The stories in Volume 2 are 100% stories you told us about. Now, we can all share them. We can’t wait, because they truly are breath-taking.

3. A MAP: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 includes a beautiful, detachable map, so your children can check out where each of their heroes comes from.

4. A GLOSSARY: It has an illustrated glossary, so your kids can expand their vocabulary while learning about incredible female role models.

Plus, it has all of the things that made Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls precious and unique.

About Elena Favilli

Elena Favilli is a media entrepreneur and a journalist. She has worked for Colors magazine, McSweeney's, RAI, Il Post, and La Repubblica, and has managed digital newsrooms on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2011, she created the first iPad magazine for children, Timbuktu magazine. She is the founder and CEO of Timbuktu Labs. Francesca Cavallo is a writer and theatre director. Her award-winning plays have been staged all across Europe. A passionate social innovator, Francesca is the founder of Sferracavalli, an International Festival of Sustainable Imagination in Southern Italy. In 2011, Francesca joined forces with Elena Favilli to found Timbuktu Labs, where she serves as Creative Director.

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