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Hey True Blue

by John Williamson

The joy after all is in the journey, or being what you really wanna be . . .

The son of a wheat farmer, John Williamson grew up with an appreciation of the land and all things Australian.  His career was kickstarted with a self-proclaimed silly song – ‘Old Man Emu’ – winning TV’s New Faces in 1970, but it was a decade of hard slog before he forged his unique place in our musical history.

From his love of the bush (‘Mallee Boy’) and his outrage at environmental destruction (‘Rip Rip Woodchip’), to his pride in the Australian character and spirit (‘True Blue’), Williamson has been chronicling the subjects and issues that are close to his heart for more than forty years.  He has become the voice of Australia, performing his unofficial anthems at all the major events.

In his distinctive Aussie style, John Williamson tells it like it is.  He takes us behind the scenes on the road and at home, revealing the tough times, the great times, what drives him and what matters.  His passion – for preserving our national character and landscape, and to remain true to himself – is as strong now as it has ever been.

This is a journey into the heart and soul of Australia.


About John Williamson

John Williamson is without question an Australian Icon. His entertainment career spans more than forty years boasting sales of over 5 million albums. His unofficial anthems, tender ballads and tributes to unsung heroes have captured the spirit of the nation in song more than any other performer. He remains one of the most in-demand live performers in Australia. His fiftieth album, Honest People,  will be released at the same time as his autobiography.

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