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Kisses for Daddy

by Frances Watts, David Legge

It’s time for bed, but Baby Bear just wants to play. When Daddy asks for a goodnight kiss, this grumbly baby says no way. This charming father coaxes his son through his nightly routine by asking Baby Bear for giraffe kisses, crocodile kisses, bat kisses, and more! Bright, energetic illustrations convey Baby Bear’s change of heart as the charming relationship between father and son plays out before reader’s eyes.

About Frances Watts

Frances Watts was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and moved to Sydney, Australia when she was 3. Frances fell in love with books when she was little and has since been the author of many books including Parsley Rabbit's Book about Books and Captain Crabclaw's Crew.

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About David Legge

David Legge's warm, colorful work can be seen in Parsley Rabbit's Book about Books and Baby Boomsticks. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

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