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Little Lunch: The Off-Limits Fence

by Danny Katz, Mitch Vane

This is what happened during Little Lunch: we played Chinese whispers in a circle around the big old tree, Melanie saved a fly and opened up an Insect Hospital, and Rory kicked his football over the off-limits fence. What else can happen in fifteen minutes?

About Danny Katz

Danny Katz is a newspaper columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and is famous for his larger-than-life characters. He is the author of The Modern Guru column in the Saturday Magazine (he swears those letters are real and he does not make them up).  

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About Mitch Vane

Mitch Vane has illustrated many children's books, including the Little Lunch series, A Little Election and The Patch. She hates to draw straight lines!  


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