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Minton Goes! The Complete Adventures of Minton and Turtle

by Kim Gamble, Anna Fienberg

Minton loves anything that moves – boats, planes, cars, trucks, submarines and hot-air balloons – and he’s always ready for action! His friend Turtle is not so brave, but together they have wild adventures. And you can make your own models of Minton’s vehicles. Also, meet Hector, the Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived, who shot out of a volcano and is almost too hot to handle.

A Big Book of 7 adventure stories, from the creators of Tashi!‘Minton makes everything seem possible. The kids will love this one.’ West Australian


About Kim Gamble

Kim Gamble is one of Australia's leading illustrators for children, including the bestselling Tashi series.

About Anna Fienberg

Anna Fienberg grew up in a house filled with books. Her mother was a teacher librarian who relished stories as much as chocolates. 'On Sunday mornings we'd all lie in bed with our books, lost in magical wardrobes, witches’ spells, genies’ magic... What we were going to read next was just as important in our family as what was for lunch!' says Anna.

Anna started writing stories when she was eight, but never imagined being an author. She studied psychology, fascinated by the dark world of dreams. She gave up counselling after an unfortunate incident with an enraged man and a chair (he missed!), began writing and scored the best job in the world. 'Working for School Magazine was a treat,' Anna says. 'I couldn't believe you could get paid for sitting back comfortably in your chair, cappuccino in hand, reading over a thousand books a year. Heaven!' Of course, as an editor she also had to write reviews and articles, stories and plays. One of those stories for School Magazine later became her first book.

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