My Girragundji

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Boori Pryor, Meme McDonald
Allen & Unwin
Children’s Fiction
01 October, 1998

My Girragundji

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The story of an Aboriginal boy whose house is invaded by a Hairyman - a spirit the old people call a Quinkin. When a little green tree frog lands on his windowsill, he knows she has been sent by the ancestors to help him face his fears.

'I wake with a start. The doorknob turns. It's him. The Hairyman...'There's a bad spirit in our house. He's as ugly as ugly gets and he stinks. You touch this kind of Hairyman and you lose your voice, or choke to death.It's hard to sleep when a hairy wrinkly old hand might grab you in the night. And in the day you've got to watch yourself. It can be rough. Words come yelling at you that hurt.Alive with humour, My Girragundji is the vivid story of a boy growing up between two worlds. With the little green tree frog as a friend, the bullies at school don't seem so big anymore. And Girragundji gives him the courage to face his fears.
Meme McDonald
About the author

Meme McDonald

Meme McDonald is a writer and photographer who creates books for young people and adults.

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Boori Pryor
About the author

Boori Pryor

Boori Pryor is from North Queensland. His mother's people are Kunggandji and his father is from the Birra-gubba Nation. Boori is a performer, storyteller and writer.

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