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Natural Histories

by Guadalupe Nettel

Siamese fighting fish, cockroaches, a cat, a snake, and a strange fungus become mirrors that reflect the unconfessable aspects of human nature. In each tale, Nettel creates, with tightly wound narrative tension, a space wherein her characters explore how the wounds we incur in life manifest themselves, clandestinely, irrevocably. In writing that is precise, subtle, and spellbinding, Nettel renders the ordinary unsettling, and the unsettling extraordinary.


01 May, 2015

About Guadalupe Nettel

Born in Mexico City in 1973, Guadalupe Nettel is a prolific young Mexican author and a regular contributor to both Spanish- and French-language magazines, including Letras Libres, Hoja por hoja, L'atelier du roman, and L'inconvénient. In 2006 she was voted one of thirty-nine most important Latin American writers under the age of thirty-nine at the Bogotá Hay Festival. She has lived in Montreal and Paris, and is now based in Barcelona, where she works as a translator and holds writing seminars and a workshop on Potential Literature (based on the French Oulipo). She is the author of Juegos de artificio [False Games], Les jours fossiles [Fossil Days], Pétalos y otras historias incómodas [Petals and other Awkward Stories], and El huésped [The Host], and the recipient of the Premio Herralde, third place, for El huésped, and the 2008 Premio Antonin Artaud and the 2007 Gilbert Owen Short Story Prize in Mexico for Pétalos.


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