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Margot McGovern
Penguin, Random House
Young Adult Fiction
02 April, 2018


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After doing herself near-fatal damage, Kit Learmonth has come home. But it’s a place she hardly recognises: the mermaids are hiding, the witch has packed up her cauldron and the pirates have sailed to more bountiful shores. In their place is Neverland and its inhabitants – damaged teens too sick to be in regular school, but not sick enough to be institutionalised, watched over by her psychiatrist uncle. And Kit is one of them.Kit has a choice. She can use illicit night-time adventures with her friends and mysterious new boy Rohan to avoid the truth. Or she can separate harsh reality from childhood fantasy and try to remember what happened on the night of her parents’ deaths. What really prompted her family’s departure from the island? Was there a monster who drove them away? Is the monster still there?The more Kit uncovers, the more she realises that perhaps she should be afraid …
Margot McGovern
About the author

Margot McGovern

Margot McGovern is an Adelaide-based writer who holds a Ph.D. from Flinders University. She is a former associate editor of Ride On cycling magazine and has reviewed for several Australian literary journals, including Australian Book ReviewKill Your Darlings and Viewpoint. Margot blogs at and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @project_lectito.

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