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Off The Map (#2 The Lost Girls)

by Jane Tara

The second in this bestselling series. This time it’s all about Hana in Paris..or is it…

Hana is French. Actually, she’s Australian-Japanese. She just chooses to be French, and she has waited her whole life to visit the city of her dreams. Paris! But for Hana and her friends, Paris becomes the stuff of nightmares with everything going wrong from the moment they arrive.

Enter Drago, the gorgeous Slovenian guy they keep bumping into. Drago hears about their run of bad luck and invites them to stay in his family’s hotel in Slovenia. But for Hana, there are two problems with this:
Firstly, Ljubljana isn’t Paris…
And… Drago is not French.

Hana is outvoted by her friends, who think an unplanned Slovenian adventure will be the best way to salvage their trip. So she finds herself in a country she didn’t even know existed, with a guy who might just be everything she ever wanted, learning the greatest lesson of her life… Sometimes you need to travel off the map to find what you’re looking for.

Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself.

  • 5 friends
  • 8 countries
  • 1 amazing adventure

An exciting new series about friendship travel and love.


01 September, 2019

About Jane Tara

Jane Tara is the author of five novels and over eighty children's books, many written under the name Jane Hinchey. She's an award-winning playwright and travel writer, published in dozens of magazines around the world. An avid traveller, she has lived in Tokyo, London, Vienna, New York and various parts of Australia. She currently lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney, with her two sons. Jane's new series The Lost Girls merges her love of contemporary YA and travel. She can be contacted via her website or Facebook. You can also find her on instagram at @RUALostGirl

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