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Pandora Jones: Admission (Pandora Jones #1)

by Barry Jonsberg

Pandora Jones wakes in an infirmary – her body weak, her memory providing only flashes of horrific scenes of death. She soon discovers that her family has succumbed to a plague pandemic which almost wiped out humanity. Pan is one of the survivors who have been admitted to The School – a quarantined, heavily guarded survival-skills facility – to recover their strength, hone their skills and prepare for whatever comes next. Pandora’s skill is intuition, but how useful will it be outside the secure walls of The School? And what if it leads her to question where the truth lies…

About Barry Jonsberg

Barry Jonsberg was born in Liverpool in England – home of the world’s greatest soccer team [NOT Everton]. He moved to Australia in 1999 and became an Australian citizen in 2007, though this does not prevent him from supporting the England cricket team. Someone has to. Barry has a B.A. Hons in English Literature and a Master of Philosophy degree in the same subject. He was a lecturer in English in the UK and a high school teacher in Darwin, where he now lives with his wife, Anita, two children, Lauren and Brendan, and a couple of eccentric dogs. Barry still teaches occasionally, but looks upon writing as his full-time occupation.

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