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Side Effects May Vary

by Julie Murphy

When Alice is diagnosed with leukaemia and time is suddenly not a luxury, she convinces her friend Harvey to help her with a crazy bucket list.  It’s as much about revenge as redemption and warped or not, it gives Alice the focus she needs when everything else seems pointless.

Then she goes into remission.

Now faced with the consequences of her actions, can Alice repair the damage she’s caused to those around her?  And maybe, just maybe, show the one who loves her most how much she loves him in return?

“Honest and unflinching, this is a compelling story of one teen’s struggle with cancer, love, and living. A worthwhile addition.”  – School Library Journal

“Readers will turn the last page wanting to know where the next chapter leads.” –  Kirkus Review


18 March, 2014

About Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy has this to say about herself... I love pocket change, but I like to keep it in a jar, and not in my pocket. When I was little, I was on a bowling league. Moxie is my favorite word. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would buy would be a photo booth. I like outerspace. I believe in karma. I'm terrified of cicadas. I love school. I don't pick up my house phone. I like getting mail. I'm the funniest person you know. 2+2=5. I live in Texas with my husband who loves me, my dog who adores me, and my cat who tolerates me. Baseball aficionado. Professional potty mouth obsessed with movie trailers. And movies, too. And books. DUH. Let's be friends.


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