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Ondine Sherman
Pantera Press
Young Adult Fiction
15 July, 2019


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Sometimes you have to leave everything behind to find yourself.Sky is travelling to Alaska to meet her father for the first time.Far away from her friends back in Australia, she navigates the new relationship with her father and meets Jaxon, a local boy struggling with his own problems. In a cold, vast and beautiful place, they are isolated except for the wild animals who live there.As Sky gets to know her father, she finally feels she has a chance of having a real family again. But her father has a secret that threatens everything Sky holds dear. Will she have to choose between family and her love of animals?This is a heart-warming story in the coldest of places.Book 2 in the Animal Allies series.
Ondine Sherman
About the author

Ondine Sherman

Ondine Sherman is the co-founder and managing director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute. She is a life-long animal advocate, passionate about promoting respect and compassion for all creatures. Ondine holds a BA in Communications and MA in Environmental Studies. She is an ambassador for Action for Dolphins and director of conservation NGO This is My Earth (TiME) and writes regularly about animal protection in the media.Ondine grew up in Sydney and now lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and three children.

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