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Stiletto (The Rook #2)

by Daniel O’Malley

After years of enmity and bloodshed, two secret organisations with otherworldly abilities must merge, and there is only one person with the fearsome powers — and bureaucratic finesse — to get the job done.

Rook Myfanwy Thomas must broker a deal between deadly rivals the Checquy — a centuries-old covert British organization that protects society from supernatural threats; and the Grafters — a centuries-old supernatural threat.

But as bizarre attacks sweep London, threatening to sabotage negotiations, old hatreds flare. Only Myfanwy and two women who detest each other can seek out the culprits before they trigger a devastating otherworldly war.


01 June, 2016

About Daniel O’Malley

Dan O'Malley graduated from Michigan State University and earned a Master's Degree in medieval history from Ohio State University. He then returned to his childhood home, Australia. He now works for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, writing press releases for government investigations of plane crashes and runaway boats.

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