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Superhero School: The Revenge of the Green Meanie (Superhero School #1)

by Alan MacDonald

To his amazement, Stan is offered a place at Mighty High School – starting immediately. His superpower is ‘non-conventional’, as are those of his two new best friends, but lessons in supervillain-spotting and tight-wearing mean they are soon ready to defeat the evil Green Meanie… who might just be none other than Professor Von Hardbum, a teacher at their school.

Heavily illustrated throughout with fantastic art by Nigel Baines, for truly brilliant comic-book style fun.

Perfect for young readers of around 7-8.


08 May, 2014

About Alan MacDonald

Alan MacDonald started his working life in a travelling theatre company. In addition to writing and directing plays, Alan trained as a drama teacher. He has written stories and dramas for the BBC (both television and radio), as well as many children's books.


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