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The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford

by Jean Stafford

These Pulitzer Prize-winning stories represent the major short works of fiction by one of the most distinctively American stylists of her day. Jean Stafford communicates the small details of loneliness and connection, the search for freedom and the desire to belong, that not only illuminate whole lives but also convey with an elegant economy of words the sense of the place and time in which her protagonists find themselves. This volume also includes the acclaimed story “An Influx of Poets,” which has never before appeared in book form.

Winner of the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

” To have built up so distinguished a collection, each story excellent in its own way and each an original departure in relation to the others, is a triumph.” Guy Davenport, New York Times Book Review



01 January, 1969

About Jean Stafford

Jean Stafford (1915-79) was the author of three novels as well as several children's and nonfiction books. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1970.


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