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The Edge of Sadness

by Edwin O’Connor

Father Hugh Kennedy is a recovering alcoholic, com­mitted to his vocation yet struggling with the demands of it. As he returns to Boston to repair his damaged priesthood, he is drawn into the unruly world of the Carmodys, a prosperous Irish family teeming with passion and riddled with secrets.

The Edge of Sadness is ultimately the story of spiritual aridity and loneliness giving way to grace and hope.

Winner of the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

“A realistic Christian novel of hope in a non-Christian age.” New England Quarterly

“A deeply felt and eloquently expressed work . . . A quiet, gentle novel of considerable insight and charm . . .” Library Journal

“O’Connor succeeds in delineating poignantly the overwhelming spiritual storms of the soul which assail the conscientious clergyman.” The Christian Century


01 January, 1961

About Edwin O’Connor

Edwin O'Connor was an American radio personality, journalist, and novelist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1962 for The Edge of Sadness.


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