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The Following Girls

by Louise Levene

When Amanda Baker was 14 she found a letter written by her runaway mother to her unborn child: ‘Dear Jeremy’ it began ‘or Amanda…’. Now Baker is sixteen and sick of her lot as she moves miserably between lessons, her only solace her fifth form gang – the four Mandies – and a low-calorie diet of king-sized cigarettes. That is, until she teams up with Julia Smith, games captain and consummate game player. And so begins a passionate friendship that will threaten her future, menace her sanity and risk the betrayal of everything and everyone she holds dear.

About Louise Levene

Louise Levene is the author of A Vision of Loveliness, a BBC Book at Bedtime, which was also longlisted for the Desmond Elliott first novel prize, Ghastly Business and The Following Girls. She was the dance critic for the Sunday Telegraph for sixteen years and before that a dance writer on the Independent, but now works for the Financial Times. She has also been an advertising copywriter, a window dresser, a radio presenter, an office cleaner, a crossword editor, a university tutor, a college professor and a saleslady. She lives in London with her husband, their two children and Basher.


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