The Icicle Illuminarium

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The Icicle Illuminarium
N.J. Gemmell
Random House Australia
Children’s Fiction
01 October, 2014


Kick, Bert, Scruff and Pin are rejoicing – Dad's been found! But he's ill from his wartime experiences, and he's sent away to recover. Then a hint from the butler sets their hearts racing. Could their mother still be alive too?The four siblings begin a wild goose chase to search for clues. But it all goes terribly, horribly wrong when they're kidnapped. They're imprisoned in The Icicle Illuminarium – the coldest, loneliest and most falling-down mansion in England.Luckily, there might be a secret friend or two to be found in this odd place. Can Bucket, their loyal dingo dog, help Uncle Basti to find them – before Lady Adora can set her plans in motion?Another feel-good tale about four fearless Aussie bush kids who won't take no for an answer – and certainly can't be cooped up for long, even if their captors think they can! - See more at:
N.J. Gemmell
About the author

N.J. Gemmell

N.J. Gemmell is the bestselling author of seven novels and four works of non-fiction for adults under her full name, Nikki Gemmell. Her work has received international critical acclaim and been translated into many languages. Nikki is currently a columnist for the Weekend Australian's Saturday magazine, and a Friday regular on the Today programme in Australia. Born in Wollongong, Australia, Nikki lived in London for many years but has now returned to Australia with her family. The Kensington Reptilarium is her first book for children, and The Icicle Illuminarium continues the adventures of four Aussie bush kids in London.

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