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The Laughing Clowns

by William McInnes

Peter Kennedy is a very large man who is happy with his life, though something doesn’t feel quite right. When he’s offered a contract to go to Queensland to assess the Pickersgill Peninsula Showgrounds, he leaps at the opportunity. Looking forward to a break from the family he loves, and a chance to spend time with his parents and siblings, he rushes north. Over the days he spends there, he learns a lot from unexpected sources about himself, his family and how deep his love is for them.

William McInnes has deftly crafted a hilarious tale that’s filled with honest and real characters. This is a fabulous Australian novel that will get you laughing out loud and remind you to tell your family how much you love them.




About William McInnes

William McInnes is one of Australia's most popular writers, delighting readers with his memoirs A Man's Got To Have a Hobby and That'd Be Right, his novels Cricket Kings and The Laughing Clowns, and his insight into Australian life since the 1940s, written with Essential Media and Entertainment, The Making of Modern Australia. In 2011, with his wife Sarah Watt he co-wrote Worse Things Happen at Sea, which was named the best non-fiction title in the ABIA and the Indie Awards in 2012. An award-winning actor, William has won two Logies and an AFI Award for Best Actor for his role in the film 'Unfinished Sky'. He received critical and public acclaim for his leading role in the film 'Look Both Ways', written and directed by Sarah Watt, and starred in the ABC television series, 'The Time of Our Lives'. William grew up in Queensland and now lives in Melbourne with his two children.

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