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The Robbery Riddle

by Alex Miles

Life can be hard when your name sounds like a pizza topping, but Olive Black is managing just fine.

Like most Aussie kids she’s balancing school, friends and family. Unlike most Aussie kids, Olive is a mega movie star.

Olive stars in a mystery film alongside one of the greatest detective characters of modern times, Maestro Snaps. Soon she finds herself caught in a real life mystery when Maestro’s beloved stage prop is stolen. As the plot thickens, Olive finds herself wrongly accused of the theft and sets about solving the mystery and clearing her name once and for all!


01 April, 2017

About Alex Miles

Unlike Olive Black, Alex (Lee) Miles never quite made it as an international mega movie star. She did, however, try her hand at writing. Since her first play was published while she was at high school, she’s written for audiences with TV shows, plays and pantomimes; for brides with the book Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride and for spies-in waiting with eight books in the Zac Power Spy Camp series. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, Paul, and their son, George.

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