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The Visitors

by Patrick O’Keeffe

One warm July night, when thoughts of Ireland are far from James Dwyer’s mind, a homeless man with a sunburnt face, who smells like dry wood, comes to the screen door of his Michigan apartment. Walter has two messages. The first is that an old lady is lying in the middle of his street. But when James goes to look there’s nobody to be seen. The second, while apparently more ordinary, is ultimately more troubling: a childhood friend wants him to visit.Kevin Lyons, the wayward older son of a neighbouring builder James knew long ago as a boy in Tipperary, now lives in the USA too, and wants to reconnect with his past. But James, who has spent years establishing the foundations of his American life, has put that past behind him.

As the day of the visit approaches, James slowly re-examines the mysteries of that time: what happened to Aunt Tess, who went away to become a nurse in Dublin; what Kevin’s father was really doing late at night by candlelight in his makeshift office in the yard; what became of Kevin’s red-haired sister Una, who young Jimmy fell for in a big way and whether, after all these years, people like Kevin ever really change.


01 October, 2015

About Patrick O’Keeffe

Patrick O’Keeffe is an Irish-born author whose work includes the highly acclaimed collection The Hill Road, and the novel The Visitors -- both released by Viking Press. Born in 1964 in Ireland's County Limerick, O'Keeffe moved to the United States in the early 1990's, where he eventually earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and a masters in creative writing from the University of Michigan. He currently teaches in the graduate creative writing program at Ohio University. His work has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the Story Prize for fiction in 2005, and a Whiting Writers' Award in 2006.


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