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Tripwire (Jack Reacher #3)

by Lee Child

Jack Reacher spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys. 

He doesn’t want to be found.

But someone has sent a private detective to seek him out.

Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off. It’s time to head north and work out who is trying to find him and why.

“A slickly effective thriller which confirms Child’s ability to keep the reader guessing – and sweating”  The Times

“A fast-moving, violent and gripping mystery with a very bad baddie, and a tough, pragmatic hero in Jack Reacher”  Daily Telegraph

“Lee Child continues his meteoric rise and mastery of suspense with Tripwire. It’s a tightly-drawn and swift thriller that gives new meaning to what a page-turner should be”  Michael Connelly

“Good thrillers exist in a class of their own. The point of such a book is total escape and Tripwire fills the bill… includes a bang-up finale which makes the reader sit back and gasp with both wonder and understanding”  Denver Post

“Page for page, there’s probably more fisticuffs in a Lee Child thriller than anywhere else”  Chicago Tribune



28 June, 1999

About Lee Child

Lee Child is one of the world's leading thriller writers. His novels consistently achieve the number one slot in hardback and paperback on bestsellers lists on both sides of the Atlantic, and are translated into over forty languages. All have been optioned for major motion pictures, the first of which, Jack Reacher, was based on the novel One Shot. He was awarded the Crime Writers Association Diamond Dagger in 2013. Born in Coventry, he now lives in America.


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