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What Do They Do with All the Poo from All of the Animals at the Zoo?

by Anh Do

What do they do with all the poo, from all the animals at the zoo?

The hippos, the tigers, the kangaroos – what do they do with all that poo?

There’s so much poo at the zoo… Where does it all go?

Do they mix it into chocolate ice-cream?

Sprinkle it on pizza?

Stir it in the local swimming pool?

With the hilarious bonus CD recording, you can sing along in search of the stinky truth.


01 October, 2016

About Anh Do

Anh’s best-selling memoir The Happiest Refugee has won numerous awards, including Indie Book of the Year and the ABIA Book of the Year, 2011. Anh’s picture book The Little Refugee, illustrated by Bruce Whatley, was named an Honour Book by the CBCA in 2012. Anh’s hugely popular TV show ANH DOES VIETNAM was the highest rated show when it screened last year, and the recent follow-up ANH DOES BRITAIN screened in July, again to huge ratings. Anh has also written two books for younger readers, Weirdo and Weirdo 2: Even Weirder.  


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