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Whole Food Slow Cooked

by Olivia Andrews

Whole Food Slow Cooked is the solution to nourishing friends and family with ease and style. Each recipe offers cooking methods for both slow cooker and stovetop or oven and is designed to fit in around a busy schedule. And, because slow cooking means you can make the most of cheaper cuts of meat by braising them to melting tenderness, it’s economical too.

Just fire up the slow cooker in the morning and you can come home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of caramel pork belly, pea and ham soup or the ultimate bolognese ready to toss into a pan of pasta. With curries, seafood, lazy weekend fare and plenty of meat-free options, you’ll never be short of ideas to keep everyone happy and well-fed.

Healthy and convenient don’t usually go together – but now you really can have the best of both worlds.


01 July, 2015

About Olivia Andrews

Olivia Andrews is a food writer, recipe developer and food stylist who has worked for Feast magazine, MasterChef, Destination Down Under (SBS) and delicious.


  1. Roger

    Would love to win a copy of this book.

  2. Lee-anne Hall

    This books sounds exactly like what I need to ease the stress of getting a meal on the table after work

  3. Shirley Baerken

    I was raised on nutritional, wholesome slow-cooked meals, using cheaper cuts, and this would bring many of those dishes back to my table.

  4. Elise Fleming

    Would really like to win a copy of this book.

  5. Jodie Morbey

    I love my Slow Cooker and would love to vary the meals cooked in it. What a fabulous way to serve wonderful, nutritious and hearty meals to my family when other aspects of life can be so busy!

  6. Bronwyn smith

    Would love a copy of this to go with my new slow cooker I need to buy

  7. Jenny S

    I have recently made a complete lifestyle change including losing some weight so would love this book for some healthy inspiration:)

  8. Shannon

    Slow cooking is my absolute fave way of cooking. House smells so good, its cheaper and I can do it through the day rather than the evening rush. The only thing is, I desperately need some great tasting recipes. This book would be awesome!

  9. Rachel Kapsalakis

    Beautiful slow cooked food is like a I’d love to own a copy of this wonderfully useful book of hugs!

  10. Rachel Kapsalakis

    Beautiful slow cooked food is like a warm hug in winter I’d love to own a copy of this wonderfully useful book of hugs!

  11. Jo Stevens

    Books are my weakness,
    Cooking rates high too,
    If I were to win this book,
    My day would be less blue….

  12. Aynih Concepcion

    It’ll be great to win a copy of this book as I’m always running out of ideas on how best to use my slow cooker. It’ll also be great to come home without stress knowing that dinner is all taken care of.

  13. Liz Nutt

    This book sounds amazing. Would love to win a copy

  14. Lisa

    I have a slow cooker and need much, much, much more inspiration as to how to use it. Please send me a copy so I can get better use from it.

  15. Donna R

    Hearty warm meals that virtually cook themselves sound good to me!

  16. Jen McCarthy

    I really need this book, after the gym I am starving, and too exhausted to cook…

  17. Suzanne Eagles

    Slow cooking packs amazing flavour into dishes and this book sounds brilliant with healthy recipes for the whole family

  18. Joanne Long

    I love walking in after work to the smell of dinner already cooking. I would love a copy of this book.

  19. Helen Kidd

    Cooking for hungry stockmen on an outback station my occupation,
    I always love new recipes, ideas and inspiration,
    Saving my culinary reputation,
    Gaining their upmost appreciation.

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