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You Can Change the World

by Lucy Bell

Did you know that there are more plastic flamingos in the world than real ones? That if you joined all the pieces of plastic in the ocean together, they would go around the whole planet over 4000 times.  Or that every year, the average Australian family creates enough waste to fill a three-bedroom house?

Every day we see problems that need to be fixed, but how much can kids really do? It turns out there are lots of things that kids can start doing to make a difference!

You Can Change the World is a practical guide that will give kids the tools to take action, empowering and inspiring them to make a difference in the world. Filled with activities, and featuring children who are already doing amazing things in Australia and around the world, this book will show kids how to: throw a plastic-free party; make a compost bin and reduce waste; start a herb garden; recognise and reduce single-use plastics; learn about where their food comes from; be kinder to others, share and donate.

You Can Change the World is the ultimate kids’ guide to a better planet!

About Lucy Bell

Lucy Bell is a book editor and music teacher on a journey to live a more ethical, sustainable and mindful life. After getting her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Sydney with majors in English and Ancient History, Lucy studied a Master of Publishing. Now she works for a social-purpose publishing house making big differences and helping fund not-for-profits and charities to close the literacy gap. Lucy grew up on the NSW Central Coast surrounded by four siblings, a cat, two dogs, two sheep, a lizard, lots of guinea pigs and thirteen chickens. She now lives in Sydney and while watering her balcony garden, dreams of one day owning her own country farmhouse.

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