Shared Reading Experiences

Shared Reading Experiences

For many children, being read to by a family member is a cherished ritual, but it can also be much more than that. Reading aloud to children can expand their worldview, love of reading and their literacy skills.

Continuing to read out loud to children as they develop their own reading independence has a myriad of benefits.

It allows them to experience the joy of storytelling, to fall into a longer and more complex story that is beyond their reading abilities.

Reading aloud models fluent reading by showing the impact of punctuation, inflection and pauses. You can show what a fluent reader is capable of, giving them something to strive for.

As children’s auditory comprehension is greater than that of their reading comprehension, reading aloud can stretch a child’s language development and expose them to wealth of wonderful new words.

It can also be one of the best ways to expose young readers to new genres and authors, potentially creating a fan for life.

Most importantly it greatly improves a child’s long-term reading success , children who are read aloud to are much more likely to keep reading on their own.

Here are some classics from the Better Reading Top 50 that make for wonderful shared reading experiences.

For more on Reading and Literacy take a look at at Keeping Children’s Minds Strong by Mary Ryan 



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