Books to Delight Young Dinosaur Lovers

Books to Delight Young Dinosaur Lovers

Dinosaur DigDo you have a young dinosaur lover at your place?

We’re not sure where the fascination with dinos begins: is it their slightly fearsome size; their fable-like ‘real-but-you-can’t-meet-one’ quality; the way they look; or the sounds of their names?

For whatever reason, many kids become slightly obsessed with dinos at some point. We’re constantly amazed by the way very young children who are still learning the basics of language can memorise and pronounce all those complicated dinosaur names!

Here are 14 suggestions for great dinosaur books – storybooks and factual guides – to delight your child. Click on the titles or cover images below for more information about each book, or to buy a copy.

Dino storybooks with child-friendly themes

Dinosaur Dig – the dinosaurs in this story are busy constructing a wonderful surprise using tractors, diggers and other machinery kids will adore. This is part of a series which also includes Dinosaur Zoom (cars), Rescue (emergency vehicles) and Rocket (dinos in space!).

Dinosaur Dump – from two young Australian authors, this is dinosaurs plus toilet humour – gross, but very funny!

How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food – dinosaurs, table manners, and a lot of laughs! This is part of a series  which also covers counting, colours, visiting the doctor, playing nicely with friends and a swathe of other toddler topics.

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur – from two much-loved and award-winning Australian creators, a dinosaur getting dirty and getting ready for a bath – great for very young kids.

Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish – this one’s been in print for over 40 years! A classic fable with an environmental theme.

Ten Little DinosaursConcept books: Counting and Opposites

Dinosaur Roar – a classic, in print for more than twenty years, this has a rhyming text which explores the concept of opposites.

Ten Little Dinosaurs – lots of fun, with bold illustrations andagain, a rhyming text.

A child character and his special dinosaurs

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs  – this classic is part of a charming series in which Harry takes his toy dinosaurs everywhere with him – and for him, they come alive.

For kids who are hungry for dino facts, there are books which combine facts with flaps to lift…

Lift the Flap Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs – very well reviewed by the parents we know.

lift-the-flap-questions-and-answers-about-dinosaursRex the Tyrannosaurus – part of a series of bright and simple books which includes instalments about Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Pterodacty.

… and some wonderful guide books

My Big Dinosaur Book – one for the very youngest kids, with simple statements and questions that prompt kids to explore the illustrations  – ‘Which dinosaur has striped legs?”

First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life – this is from Usborne, who are brilliant non-fiction publishers. When I was in Year 1 – too many years ago to count! – I had an Usborne Dinosaur book. It gave me instant (and unusual) cred with all the boys in my class!

DK First Dinosaur Encyclopedia – Dorling Kindersley’s guides are always visually beautiful.

Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs – what about the prehistoric creatures who roamed Australia? Here’s a guide, directed at quite young kids.

Which dinosaur book does your child love? Please tell us in comments.

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