Celebrities Turned Children’s Authors

Celebrities Turned Children’s Authors

It seems like these days, they are more and more celebrities who add ‘author’ to their list of accomplishments. Some write autobiographies, some become essayists, some write fiction and some decide to have a crack at writing a children’s book. Here we take a look at some of the top books for kids written by a celebrity.

xdo-not-open-this-book-jpg-pagespeed-ic-vukletz9dwWe can’t really write this list without mentioning Andy Lee, who has sold over a hundred and twenty thousand copies in Australia. Do Not Open This Book was his first effort, with the second one (Do Not Open This Book Again) also proving popular. This comedian and radio personality wrote this book to celebrate this nephew’s first birthday, and we’re glad he did!

Do you think when Hamish and Andy get together, they talk about children’s books? Because the next one on our list is No One Likes A Fart, by Zoe Foster Blake (Hamish is her husband). This is the story of Fart, who’s desperate to make friends and have fun. But unfortunately nobody likes a fart, not even one with a heart. Very funny, and sure to appeal to kids of all ages.

One of the first celebrities to get into writing kids books, Madonna’s The English Roses was published over fifteen years ago. This is the story of four girls who are the best of friends, but who leave out Binah, who’s perfect life has them all jealous. However a trip with a fairy godmother makes them realise that her life is not nearly as enviable as it seemed.

Julian Clary has made his name as a comedian, entertainer and novelist, and The Bolds is his first children’s book. xthe-bolds.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xpT9wK9_CRMr and Mrs Bold are just like us – they live in a nice house, they have jobs (writing Christmas cracker jokes) and they love a laugh. Only one difference: they’re hyenas. Packed with wildly hilarious jokes and beastly illustrations, you’ll be laughing like a… well, like a hyena!

Hollywood actress Julianne Moore has written quite a few books for kids, and the first was Freckleface Strawberry. This is the tale of a little girl who does NOT like her red hair or freckles. A great lesson on learning to love the skin you’re in, because that’s what makes you you.

You may know Kate Richie from her radio show, or you may remember her from Home & Away. I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You was inspired by her joy and excitement of her daughter’s birth, a great story to read to young children.

Happy! by Pharell Williams is actually inspired by this best selling song that was released in 2014, topping the charts in more than seventy-five countries worldwide. This is a collection of photographs of children from all different cultures celebrating what it means to be happy. Guaranteed to get the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

xflanimals.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6YlLkmUJePRicky Gervais is probably best known for his role in The Office, but he’s also the author of the Flanimals series. This is the creation of some truly extraordinary monster-type things, complete with accompanying illustrations. Our favourite is the The Underblenge, who has a snerbulent splench sucker that captures prey by sticking to their face and suffocating them, as its suckers are impossible to prize off. Unfortunately it can’t catch anything as it can’t move from the rock it was born on.

A current co-host of The Project, Peter Helliar is a comedian, TV presenter and now author. Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase is the first in a series, the story of a boy who gets sent to his grandparents for the holidays. Little does he know that his grandfather has been building a time machine in his back shed – and when it all goes wrong, it’s up to Frankie and Grandad to save the day.

Did you know Isla Fisher studied to be a clown for two years in Paris? This isn’t her only skill, this actress and comedian is also the author of Marge in Charge. Again, this is the first in the series, about Jemima and Jake’s new babysitter who has rainbow hair and invents her own rules.

Golden Globe winning actor Chris Colfer is best known for his role on Glee, and now for his series of children’s the-wishing-spellbooks. The Wishing Spell is the first in the series, where twins Alex and Conner are sent to the Land of Stories – a place where fairy tales are real, and where the stories aren’t over yet. Join the twins as they try to find their way home.

And last (but certainly not least), is the great David Walliams. You may know him from his work in Little Britain – or you may know him as a children’s book author, he’s sold over a million copies worldwide. He’s tried his hand at both picture books and books for older readers, and Bad Dad is the most recent one of these. Perfect for any fan of Roald Dahl.

Of course, there are also quite a few sports men and women who have also become authors – check out books by Tim Cahill, Ellyse Perry, Billy Slater and David Warner for any budding sports stars!


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