Diversify Your Bookshelf with These Favourites

Diversify Your Bookshelf with These Favourites

We have been blown away by the number of awesome children’s books published in 2022! There really is something for all kids (and parents) to enjoy reading. And we’re excited because there’s more to come between now and the end of the year! Here are some of our favourites for everyone in the family.

Everything You Want to See by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

From a tiger in a car to an electric guitar, from a horse to a monster (of course!), this dynamic board book shows a whole range of fun things that kids love to look at and talk about.

Ages 0+

Buy a copy of Everything You Want to See here.

Backyard Beasties by Helen Milroy

Backyard Beasties is all about the croaking, barking, screeching, mewling creatures that share our homes. From beastie besties, like the Pomeranian and the pussycat, to clucking chickens and licking lizards, the jewel-like illustrations will make this book a joy to share. It’s the perfect book to read aloud with the whole family.

Ages 0+

Buy a copy of Backyard Beasties here.

Wombat Can’t Sing by Katie Stewart

Is your singing voice more of a croak? Wombat can relate! Wombat’s friend Fantail makes everyone happy with his singing. But even with lots of advice and assistance from his friends, Wombat’s voice falls flat. Luckily, Wombat is on track to discover he has his own unique, cuddly way to please his friends.

Ages 3+

Buy a copy of Wombat Can’t Sing here.

Lion, Is that you? by  Moira Court

Myths abound about big cats prowling through the Australian bush. In this delightful new picture book the whole family can join the search discovering lots of different native animals hiding amongst the wildflowers along the way.

Ages 3+

Buy a copy of Lion, Is that you? here.

Ninni Yabini by Cheryl Kickett-Tucker and Tyrown Waigana OUT SOON

The importance of home and belonging is highlighted in this gorgeous new multi-lingual picture book written in Noongar and English. While Mother and Father Swan are busy rebuilding the nest after a terrible storm, their baby, Ninni Yabini, wanders away. As the night grows darker and colder, Ninni turns to his namesake in the starry sky to guide him back to safety.

Ages 3+

Buy a copy of Ninni Yabini here.

Alex and the Alpacas Ride Again by Kathryn Lefroy

After saving the world from Kiala, the ancient spirit of destruction, Alex longs for more adventure – and the chance to feel special again. Compared to riding through the Tasmanian wilderness on a talking alpaca, home seems pretty dull. So when Kiala’s prison crumbles, Alex is secretly thrilled. Enter Ivette – a mysterious, talented and very competitive American girl, who thinks it’s her job to save the world, ALONE, just like Alex. But when Alex accidentally releases Kiala’s twin sister, Resila, the world is going to need twice the number of heroes to face a threat that is doubly dangerous.

Ages 9+

Buy a copy of Alex and the Alpacas Ride Again here.

The Vexatious Haunting of Lily Griffin by Paula Hayes

This exciting new novel for middle readers is out in July. And it’s a whopper! The book is an omnibus of 449 pages of non-stop ghostly adventures. Lily is hilariously funny, sweetly poignant and deeply daggy. Plagued by social doubts and her own peculiarities, she is the perfect person to investigate the many secrets of her grandfather’s house while fighting off fleshy bullies, noisy ghasts, ancient ghosts and the problem of a poltergeist stuck between the lure of a honey pot and the stench of teen angst.

Ages 9+

Buy a copy of The Vexatious Haunting of Lily Griffin here.

Unlimited Futures: Speculative, Visionary Blak + Black Fiction

Unlimited Futures is an anthology of speculative, visionary fiction that shows the invisible ties between First Nations people and Black people in Australia. Published in partnership with Djed Press, this YA anthology demonstrates the power of twenty-one emerging and established writers imagining a new future for us all.

Ages 14+

Buy a copy of Unlimited Futures: Speculative, Visionary Blak + Black Fiction here.


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