Get Back Into Reading

Get Back Into Reading

Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle will be on Mornings with Linda Mottram (ABC 702)  to inspire any lapsed bookworms back into the reading habit.

If you love books but haven’t been able to find anything that grabs you lately – or if you’ve never been able to get into a regular reading habit – Cheryl recommends six must-read titles that we guarantee will rekindle your passion for books.

And we are so confident that these books will get people reading, if you choose one, read it, and aren’t inspired, go to our Facebook page to let us know why, and we’ll give you another recommendation, personally selected by Cheryl.

We’ve selected six very different but compelling titles, so tune into ABC 702 at 10.40am, Tuesday June 2, to find out why Cheryl thinks these books will open your eyes to what you’ve been missing and kickstart your reading habit:


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