Happy Father’s Day: 7 Great Books to Read with Dad

Happy Father’s Day: 7 Great Books to Read with Dad

Just in time for Father’s Day we have collated seven new picture books which will give you all the excuse you need to cuddle up with your little person/people on the couch for the weekend.

How Not to Annoy Dad by Dave Hughes and Holly Ife

Why we love it: We all love a children’s book that speaks directly to the adult reader, as well as the kids. A hilarious depiction of every day life with needy kids.

What it’s about: The third book by husband and wife writing duo Dave Hughes and Holly Ife. It’s a special day with dad out and about with his three little angels, absolutely not causing any trouble or bother at all.

Dear Grandpa by Kate Simpson and Ronojoy Ghosh

Why we love it: An adorable tale of how a grandpa makes the sadness of his distance from his grandson fun, by detailing interesting scientific facts such as being 2003km from each other’s houses and if all the blue whales in the world lined up they wouldn’t make it!

What it’s about: This is a heartfelt story by Kate Simpson and Ronojoy Ghosh about a boy adjusting to living far away from his adored grandpa. The story is a compilation of letters back and forth between the two, which are gentle and emotive.

Going to the Footy by Debbie Coombes

Why we love it: The story is concise, which allows it to showcase the stunning native Indigenous artworks. Exemplifying not just modern cars and buses as transport, but also traditional modes of transport Indigenous Australians use.

What it’s about: Going to the Footy is written by Indigenous Australia author Debbie Coombes. Coombes uses traditional Indigenous art paintings to illustrate modes of transport such as a tinny, a troopy and a barge.

There’s Only One Dad Like You by Jess Racklyeft

Why we love it: This heartfelt story embodies the love and heroism we know young children feel about their dads.

What it’s about: A poetic rhyming story by Jess Racklyeft, written from the perspective of a little echnida, describing what he loves about his dad.

My Dad is a Dragon by Damon Young, illustrated by Peter Carnavas

Why we love it: Books about dads being somewhat different, always pull on the heart strings.

What it’s about: A young boy describes the adventures he takes with his dad who is secretly a dragon…

My Dad Snores by John Williamson, illustrated by Peter Carnavas

Why we love it: It’s a funny perspective on an annoying dad habit!

What it’s about: A little boy tackling his dads snoring, written by John Williamson and illustrated by Peter Carnavas.

Happy Farter’s Day by Matt Stanton and Tim Miller

Why we love it: It’s impossible not to love a book that displays different families and their lives.

What it’s about: It’s about ten friends who compare stories of their dad’s best/worst bottom eruptions. Written by Tim Miller and illustrated by Matt Stanton.




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