Magic and Adventure: Discover the Alex and the Alpacas Series by Kathryn Lefroy

Magic and Adventure: Discover the Alex and the Alpacas Series by Kathryn Lefroy

Kathryn Lefroy is an author who has written novels, screenplays and articles. She spends a lot of time in conversation with imaginary characters, and we’re glad she does because Lefroy has created the brilliant adventure-filled Alex and the Alpacas duology –a favourite of ours here at BR Kids.

Alex and the Alpacas is a fun and fast-paced series for readers aged 8+ about a young girl’s adventure with magical talking alpacas and their fight against an ancient force of destruction. Combining humour with high-energy action and an exciting plot full of twists and turns, this is a great read for lovers of page-turning adventure. The second and final instalment is out on the 1st of June 2022.

Here, we breakdown what both books are about so you can get a taste of the magical and exciting ride this series takes you on:

Alex and the Alpacas Save the World

Alex is expecting a pretty boring summer. But when Mum takes her to visit her mysterious grandfather on his farm in Tasmania, weird things start to happen … Weirdest of all? Her grandfather’s pet alpacas … who can talk! When things go from strange to scary, Alex must use all her brains, brawn and bravery in order to survive the sinister forces threatening life as she knows it.

Buy a copy of book #1, Alex and the Alpacas Save the World, here.

Alex and the Alpacas Ride Again

In this thrilling conclusion, Alex discovers that she didn’t complete the mission and this time around it’s not one, but two evil spirits she will need to defeat. After her adventures in Tasmania, Alex is back home in Melbourne and ready for the next one. But Grandpa Jacob wants to keep Alex protected, and he wants her to go back to being a regular kid and forget that she is the saviour of the world. Why can’t he understand that she’s not normal, she’s special? When things start to happen around the olive sapling housing Kiala’s spirit, Alex sees her chance to prove how important she is, but at what cost?

Buy a copy of book #2, Alex and the Alpacas Ride Again, here.


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